Thursday, July 12, 2012

I recently became part of the Sisterhood....

The Sisterhood is the brain child of a lovely young mum called Sophie. She is a blogger and a mum and she thought maybe if we joined together we could support other women. That's why we are called the Sisterhood. It's not that guys are not allowed, it's about us showing other women we care. I probably not putting it very well, you can read what Sophie says here. Sophie put out calls several times for people to help other people, and apart from sending an old man who had an operation an Agatha Christie book, I hadn't really been part of it. I wanted to do something meaningful for each woman and I was paralyzed by not being able to do the perfect thing.

Then I remembered to last year during the worst of the earthquakes when I was stretched to the very limit of my resources and someone I didn't really know in America sent me a care package with no return address so I couldn't thank them. I remembered how I felt. I cried. I felt loved. I felt listened to. I felt like someone cared about my pain and confusion. I remember that it helped me to pick myself up and start sewing squares together. I've been sewing squares and rectangles together ever since and gradually I've been pulling myself together as I do.

The time was running out for the next lot of care packages to go out and I was getting desparate. Then I saw Rebecca on Facebook who sells beautiful things in a shop called "Keeping it Kawaii" I asked her if I could buy some pretty notebooks and pens and of course she said yes. They are winging their way to me.

I looked up Kawaii on the internet (as you do), it means acceptable love. My gift is an acceptable way of showing love! Hurray. And then I got it. Because we are all joining together, we are all putting in our little thing, together it makes a bundle of love. It's not about having the best, most appropriate present, it's just about lots of us getting together and loving on another person who is struggling big time.

And then because I remembered how good it feels when someone remembers what you are going through enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, today I sewed two star blocks for a lady who needs them.

Remember the stars I sewed yesterday? I was practising for these. But then I realised, it's ok if they are not "perfect" it's the fact that she can hold them in her hand and know that means someone cares. I think I've turned a corner. I might be able to stop sewing squares. I might sew stars for a while if that's ok, and I'll definitely remember it's not enough to say "I'm thinking of you" sometimes you have to send a token so the person really knows you care and can hold it in their hands.


  1. That is awesome! The stars look perfect :D

  2. Did my dad ever get back to you about that book you sent? He LOVED it!

  3. Beautifully said Deb.
    The stars are gorgeous.X

  4. What an inspiring post! Thank you so much. :-)

  5. The stars are beautiful thank you on behalf of Marguerite xxx

  6. Beautiful deb!! That's exactly it, a whole lot of people joining in to do something incredible, together that makes the perfect gift :) bless you deb xxx


  7. Beautiful Deb, people should do more for other people just because they can. Love the star blocks. x

  8. lovely post Deb, the Sisterhood is such a wonderful project to be a part of!

  9. Dear Deb, that was a wonderful post and what a great movement the Sisterhood is! I want to thank you for sewing those great stars for me. And you are so right, when my quilt is finished, it will remind me of the generosity of quilting friends I never met. It will symbolize for me that even though life will not always be kind, somewhere, somehow, somebody will look out for you and support you and I will know who made each and every star. It will be very special and thank you for being one of those special people who care!
    (I could not find your email on the blog, or I would have personally written to you. Mine is on my blog so please write if you want)


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