Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Creative Space {and a winner}

I've been working on these scrappy stars.
They are kind of addictive!

I love the way that even the ugly fabrics look ok in this kind of scrap quilt.

I love the way that the yellow is so vibrant.
I do like using one fabric to tie a scrap quilt together.

I like the way that as I sit and sew I can think through things that bother me,
it's therapeutic to work away on a project like this.

I was thinking about my recent trips into town
a couple of roads have recently re-opened.
It blew my mind when I drove down the once familiar roads,
and instead of the buildings there is just bare ground.

I remember being gobsmacked last year that we wouldn't get back into the CBD by September,
and then not by Christmas, at this rate, it's not going to open by this Christmas.
As I sewed my scrappy quilt,
I thought about how we somehow keep going here in Christchurch.
Taking the scraps of our city and working together to build something new.

In our new city we will have to embrace the ugly bits
but something beautiful will eventually appear,
not the same as it was before, but a new city.

I hope I get to see it.
The rebuild has really not begun,
Yesterday I counted 8 cranes working in the CBD,
they are not building, they are demolishing every single building of any size.
It's depressing in all honesty.

Which is why I made this quilt so bright and cheerful from my ugly scraps,
to remind myself that you gotta take the good, the bad and the ugly
to make something new.

{on another note} The winner of the vintage sheet roll from the giveaway last week, is Renee who said: I'm most delighted when I see a vintage piece that I recall, or one that is similar to one I recall. Which is what a lot of folks mentioned, I think memory is what makes it special! I have emailed you Renee, please send me your address and I'll get that in the post to you.


  1. Deb I absolutely love love love this quilt it is so beautiful so bright so cheerful
    Love you

  2. Your quilt is very bright and cheerful, just the thing to make while pondering.
    Thanks for sharing how it is for you and reminding me that you guys are still doing it tough. Hang in there, your positive attitude is a wonderful example to us all.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  3. this quilt is great and have such a wonderful positive outlook. i could take a lesson from you.

  4. Oh, Deb, what a fantastic happy quilt you made while having some pretty dark, sad thoughts I imagine. I like how you turned destruction into great beauty!

  5. Quilting is therapy.....I have always said so. Your colour sense shines through again. I recognize a lot of those kaffe Fasset bits.

    Seriously I cannot imagine what you guys are going through, but change is inevitable and these times will pass too. :-)

  6. The quilt looks amazing I am actually starting to think I'd like to do a quilt with yellow in it :o)

  7. A very raw post behind the quilt. The city will need people like you who are strong and look forward and not back (too much)
    The quilt is gorgeous and significant.
    Is it for you?

  8. Absolutely gorgeous quilt Deb. Putting a city back together is a bit like making a quilt isn't it? Piece by piece it slowly comes together. x


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