Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Creative Space....

Well this week has been manic to say the least.
We are pulling down a wall in our living room
and the house is in CHAOS. 
oh my.

Plus work wise... what can I say
well it's been hectic to say the least.
I opened my mouth in a meeting and upset someone
who was being very rude to all of us contractors.
But fortunately for me, the person was very rude themselves
even more out of line than me, whew.

I was just saying what everyone else was thinking,
no thanks at all to the guys who did not back me up,
saying what you really really think in the carpark is not helpful
you gotta say it to the person dishing it out. 
Which I did. Sigh.

I have not touched a sewing needle this week, 
not a stitch have I sewn.
I've thought about it a lot while I drive about etc
but really nothing has happened.
Some weeks are like that eh.

I took these pictures the other day after a great thrifting adventure.
That sack is full of vintage sheets. Yes a good haul.

Here's a picture of our work in progress.
What a mess!

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  1. Looks like chaos but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. Good on you Deb for speaking up at your meeting. There is no excuse for rudeness and it's a pity that more people speak up and stop being so polite...

  2. i can not imagine having the house in that kind of chaos!! are you just making more room by taking out that wall? and go you for standing up and saying what needed to be said.

  3. I'm sure what you said was still honest and truthful even if later you felt it may have been hurtful. Sucks to get no back up fromt he crew - guys aye?? xx

  4. Oh gosh it's a bit like a building site here too!
    It will be worth it!!


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