Monday, July 30, 2012

Planning a Road Cone Quilt....

It's unbelievable miserable and grey and gloomy in Christchurch at the moment.
Driving around is just glum glum glum.
There's demolition and sewer repair and roadworks everywhere.

Wherever you go there are more and more empty sections
which actually are more sad than a broken building somehow.
All wet, grey and soggy in the rain. Depressing much I say.
If we thought it was dusty last summer, I'd say it's not a patch on this summer.
Apparently there will only be 20% of the buildings still standing in the centre of town.
This too will pass I'm sure. Eventually there will be a city again from the dust.
A couple of things we have a lot of are those fences they put around sites
and road cones. Thousands and thousands of them.
They are everywhere. 

I thought I should make a triangle quilt in orange and grey because of all the road cones.
This luscious stack of Madrona Road seems appropriate.
I think something like this. Although I might put white tips on them.
Anyway I have a few other projects I should do first
but sometime I'll cut into this pile and make a Road Cone Quilt!


  1. Sounds like just the ticket to cheer you up. Love your inspiration photo at the bottom.

  2. Love your snapshots of life. It gives us an appreciation of what it means to live through and be resilient. We see these things on the news and then we move on forgetting what it must be to live on in such surrounds. Your reports are so heartfelt. I love hearing about your inspirations.

  3. Genius idea! Only in ChCh. Look forward to seeing your finished quilt top.

  4. A road cone quilt
    I like that you keep blogging about life in Christchurch - you're in my heart and thoughts always xxx

  5. Deb, you are an inspiration. I'm sitting here in soggy Dunedin feeling a bit down and then I read your blog and give myself a swift kick. Shame on me,you go girl, the idea of that quilt sounds fantastic. Have fun.

  6. That's a wonderful idea, I look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  7. Oh what gorgeous inspiration! It has been downright dreary lately hasn't it. Can't wait to see how the road cone quilt turns out, I thought it was going to be all orange and white!

  8. What a beautiful way to turn something that could feel so ugly into a beautiful inspiration. Can't wait to see it as you get started.


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