Saturday, July 21, 2012

Recent Thrifty Finds....

Here's a few bits and pieces that I've found in the last few weeks,
this sheet and doilly was one of the prettiest combinations I've ever found,
I'm definitely going to dye some this colour as it goes so well
with the vintage pink sheets.

Last weekend I popped into a local market that I've driven past many times
and found a few great treasures.
Two old copies of the Edmonds Cookbook (a kiwi classic)

I'll save this one for when the teens finally go flatting eventually.

I've found an amazing lot of beautiful sheets lately.
I'm keeping the yellow and green one for a quilt back 
but the others should be in the Fabrichicks shop this week.

I don't know why I let the kids bring these home.
Small toys are always free at the opshop and I usually say no,
but Annie loves Pandas and Reuben loves dogs.

I got this for my to-be-born nephew,
but Annie loved it and dragged it round heaps
and then Kenny chewed his nose so he doesn't look so pristine now, oops.
I think we'll keep it!

I got this teatowel for my friend Cat, I know she will love to dry her dishes with it.

I love baskets and this must be the most beautiful one ever.
Currently it's full of odd socks, sigh. A family of six creates a LOT of odd socks.

I also found this beautiful old hand quilted quilt.
It's become our family favourite because it's so soft and lovely.
(Remember the photo of the rubbish bag full of treasures a couple of days ago?
this was one of them. I paid $6 for this quilt)

Another day, (I can't remember when) I popped into the City Mission
and found this cup and saucer set which I love!
and two large sheets in this pattern.

I found this beautiful illuminated verse at a Sally Army a few weeks ago,
I just love these old verses. This one is now hanging on our bedroom wall.

And last but not least, I thought I'd show you these pretty dishes
which I plan to use in the summer for things like olives, and relish.

What's your best find lately??


  1. you have the most amazing finds!!

  2. Wow those are fantastic finds! Let me know if you ever find another Edmonds - have been keeping my eye out for one for a while now!

  3. what a lot of great finds! I found a stack of vintage sheets this week at a super bargain price and a brand new rimu chopping board for $5. It's been a good thifting week :)

  4. Hi. where is the city mission op shop in CHCH? thanks. Karen

  5. So many great scores you have there. I'm drooling over all those sheets they are faboulous. I'm also loving the cup and saucer.

  6. Wow - a load of great finds there Deb!!x

  7. Beautiful finds! those sheets are lovely!
    and the basket - wow!! gorgeous!

  8. Wow, your shops are the best! Think I will have to expand my horizons! I love the find a quilt is really amazing.

  9. wow! what amazing finds!!!

  10. All those lovely vintage sheets.
    And love the pink and orange colour combo.

  11. More than a little envious of your spectacular finds! Especially those sheets! And so cheap!

  12. sheesh, i am ever behind in news....i didn't know this was your shop....hoorah! Beautiful finds. x


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