Friday, July 20, 2012

Thank goodness for English Paper Piecing...

This week had been chaotic, did I mention that?
and throw a living room wall-removal into the mix and it's all go really.

By yesterday I was desperate for some sewing time
and put Chrissy and Annie on the bus to go to Playcentre
and spent an hour sewing strips onto squares.
It doesn't look much yet but it felt good.

Today I've been trying to find homes for the contents of a large wardrobe,
an enormous side-board, two tea-trolleys and a wall unit.
Oh my it's exhausting. I still have to drag the rubbish out of the house
(it's piled in the hall) and also the giveaway pile to the car for the opshop.
The good part is getting rid of a whole lot of rubbish and having some newly sorted spaces.

Anyway I've reached the end of my tether, 
so I pulled out my vintage sheet Piece and Love Hexagons
and I've been making a few more.

I just love seeing all these fabrics together.
I want this to be the quilt for next Summer.
I'm imagining it under a tree with with the sun shining and the birds singing.
I imagine Reuben lying on it reading
and Annie being Doctor McStuffin.
I imagine Kenny and Mondo and the cats sneaking onto it.
I imagine being warm.
I imagine the house and garden are tidy and dinner is on and the washing is up to date.
Yes this is the quilt I'm making.

But it's slow you know. So so slow.
I hope you don't mind if I keep showing pictures of it,
I love it so much. The colours make me so happy.

I also love using the vintage threads that Deb gave me.

I love the wooden reels and the labels.

I love using the old old kitchen scissors I save for this project.

I love keeping my papers in this wallet that Amber made me.

It's a real feel good project! It won't be long before I can start sewing them together.

But in the meantime, I'm can admire them, sort through them
and just play with my sweet hexagons.

I have to warn you though, this won't be the last post about them.


  1. Hi Deb, are the hexagons double sided? How did you make them? I'd love to know, I'm a quilt admirer but would like to make one and this looks like the way forward! Love the fabric stash too!

  2. Gorgeous! And I'm with Pippa, any chance you could share some tips and how-to's with this technique?

  3. I love the fabrics you are using. I'm not a quilter, but seeing this has inspired me to consider having a go at making one. I'm looking forward to receiving the fabric I won from your Fabrichicks FB page. That might just kick start me. Thanks for joining me over at mine. Cx

  4. LOVE english paper piecing too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. wow, deb! look at all that work! you are amazing. :)

  6. I love EPP, it will look great when it is done.

  7. bring it on...i want to hear more about these!!! they look amazing all together in that pile.

  8. I have the fabric now thanks to your shoppe. I fully intend to start this project as soon as I clear the decks with all my other projects I have started ......oh what the hey there is always room for one more! Oh have started my own little blog in case you wanted to see....:-)

  9. Hi Deb. Thanks for stopping by my blog.:)
    What you are doing with the retro fabrics is delightful. Has an olde worlde it. :)
    Took me years to do my quilt with the hexagons.But mine was a scrappy look one.
    Regards Phillipa

  10. you could post about these all the time and I doubt we'd get sick of the prettiness!
    Would love a tute on how to stitch them together.. I have a vague idea but my handstitching always seems to come undone once we start using the quilts!


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