Friday, July 6, 2012

Today I'm grateful for Opshop Swap Goodies....

For Jody's awesome Op-shop swap I was paired with the lovely Miriam. I did a wee happy dance when I found out she was my partner, cause I know her likes so well and it was easy to do. I haven't delivered my goodies yet, I text Miriam and said I haven't finished her handmade item, so we will catch up next week. I'll post pictures then of what I found her (I'm thinking she is going to like them!)
It works both ways, Miriam knows me well too.
She gave me this lovely tram tin which was exactly what I needed to keep rolls of labels in!

Her hand-made item was this awesome set of thrifted napkins
(she knows I love cloth napkins)
which she embroidered our names on.

How awesome is this?? It warms my heart exceedingly.

A really cute wee glass jug. Really like this.

Little Kenny was determined to get in on the fun!

My absolute favourite chocolate (did I mention Miriam knows me well)
a lovely bright necklace, some egg cups
and a tablecloth.

Such lovely lovely goodies!
I'm so thankful for good friends like Miriam
who really know what you like.

Isn't that the best? truly I think it is.

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  1. thanks Deb xx it was a treat to buy for you too!

  2. Such a beautiful op shop swap pressie and you are so right, it is so awesome having great friends that know you so well, love your gifts Mx

  3. Gorgeous gifts - those embroidered napkins and that slab of choccy have to be the ultimate evidence of a great friend.

    Thanks for being a part of the Swap Deb.

  4. Whittakers PEANUT BUTTER?!? Are you kidding me??? I don't think I'd ever be able to stop eating it!!!

    Lots of exclamation mark there!!!

    Love the thrifty goodies and especially the hand embroidered napkins. Such a thoughtful touch. x


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