Friday, July 13, 2012

Today I'm grateful for....

Our Pellet Fire which has kept us warm all week while we have been home
while the two youngest children have been so sick with the evil bugs
that it seems everyone has this winter.

Honestly I think I'm going a bit mad,
so I thought I'd try and find some things to be grateful for....

Being able to spend a lot of time sewing this week while Annie was lying on the sofa
feeling poorly and watching kids TV
(I guess I could be thankful for kids TV)

I'm grateful for the ipad and wonderful apps that kept the boy happy
while he spend several days in bed feeling poorly

I'm grateful for sky tv so I can get up early each morning and watch the last two hours
of the Tour de France. I love it so much

I'm grateful for good friends who find vintage sheets at opshops for us.

I'm grateful for good friends who bring soup for lunch
and stay and chat a while so you don't go completely mad while stuck at home.

I'm grateful for chocolate and Coke Zero, and the fact that you can eat them and feel better
haha don't shoot me, its been a long week.

I'm thankful that I take lots of pictures of things, like this wall in our living room
which we are taking out this week to make our living space a bit bigger.
It's been lovely having this wall to decorate,
but it's going to be lovlier to have more than two metres square
 of clear floor space for everyone to live on!

Gosh I'm sorry my grateful list seems a bit shallow,
but maybe when I finally get out of this prison house it will get better,
it's been a loooooong week.


  1. That is going to make SUCH a difference to the house for you guys. You won't know yourselves. Where is your crafty space going?

  2. there is much to be grateful for. hope everyone is feeling better

  3. You've done well to find so many things to be grateful for after a long week of sick kids. Taking the wall out will make a huge difference to your home. X

  4. Lots of lovely gratefuls despite your cabin fever (which I can relate to!) hope the wall-knocking-out goes smoothly and soon you'll be enjoying more space. PS The first photo - love your little girl's outfit - beautiful.

  5. Love the board game wall!
    Ugh the bugs have been terrible this winter, a week feels like forever!
    I am also thankful for chocolate!

  6. Wow! I love your house Deb!
    Sorry you've had sick little ones, hope they both feel better.

  7. I am grateful that you posted the picture of Annie on the table. I love it!


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