Saturday, July 14, 2012

A trilogy of completed quilts...

Sometimes I know it appears that I magic quilts up over night
but that is not always the case as these three testify to.
I cut some of my favourite fabrics and some scraps up in May 2010
to make this quilt. But it never actually happened.

Then along came this quilt, and I decided to make it with this fabric
but after I made a block or two I hated the process so back into the drawer it went.

Then last year I just sewed them into 4-strip pieces and in March of this year
I got up early one morning and sorted them all out.

I'm on a real mission at the moment to finish stuff off, 
so a few weeks ago I sewed all these tops together and Shenleigh quilted them
and last week I bound them.

They are done, all done. Two Christmas presents from last year and a birthday present.

Today the sun is shining and it feels like Spring (it's not but it's lovely while it lasts)
so I popped through the fence and hung them on my neighbour's line
and took these pictures.

Such happy summery quilts against the sunshine and blue sky.

I'm actually really stoked with how they turned out.

Although it took a long long time, at least they are all done.
I have now finished or repurposed all my unfinished projects
and sewed all through my stash, apart from enough for two more projects.
It feels so good. I'm going to sew some scrappy quilts to use up the last of the scraps
and make plans for another big quilt!!

Did I mention how good it feels to have no unfinished projects hanging over my head.
Yes!!!!!! So so good.
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  1. these are so great....bright and fun and perfect. i love the quilting. she does an amazing job. the flowers are my fave

  2. Congratulations! Your quilts are lovely! I have to admit I have so many unfinished projects right now that I hardly know where to start. However there are even more new projects I desperately want to make instead so I think I am going to do like you did and incorporate some of the unfinished projects into the new projects!!

    I just love seeing what all you have been up to... Even when I go silent for some time I still read every single post you put up!

  3. All these quilts are looking lovely. Your pictures are great with them hanging on the line in the sunshine. It shows up the fabric and the quilting so well.
    I can't imagine how good you feel to have everything finished. I'm impressed.

  4. Wow Deb, good on you!! That's so awesome to finish off projects. You have really inspired me to get some things done here.
    And the quilts, well they are just BEAUTIFUL!!!! and they look lovely hung on the clothesline.

  5. Gorgeous quilts ,the colours are summery and very pretty ,i love them xxx

  6. Well done!!! They look beautiful hanging in the sunshine. I always get up to the quilting and then slow down, I need someone to quilt them like you have. x

  7. just gorgeous, gorgeous and what a perfect Christchurch day we had to photograph them

  8. Hi, pleased to meet you! Your quilts are lovely, good luck in the giveaway!:)

  9. No UFO's??? I don't understand that sentence :o)
    Well done and ploughing through it all and making such lovely quilts!

  10. Wow, I can't imagine not having unfinished projects hanging around! Congrats! The quilts are beautiful!

  11. I know exactly how it feels to finish and see another quilt out in the world. Subconsciously some ufos do hold you back with a little guilt and clutter in your mind.
    Now you have cleared the decks and the new stuff can come on in!!!!

  12. I know that feeling, finishing UFO's is so good. New plans can come!!!!!

  13. Good job on those quilts! I wish I could get my last couple done so I can move on the next ones. I have a bit more stash than you and I keep buying more, sigh. I wish they would stop putting out lovely fabrics....

  14. Oh deb. I am sitting here in my sick bed with my 5yr old son skimming through my reader. He just adores your quilts "stop Mum! Look at those. Aren't they great. I could make that"
    So it would seem you've inspired him to become a quilter :)

  15. I love the idea of magically making a quilt over night! These are stunning! x


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