Friday, July 6, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday....

I've been meaning to join Wardrobe Wednesday for ages,
but it seemed like a secret society, a little hunting on the world wide web,
and I discover the lovely Nin has more than one blog!!

I'm not too bright sometimes, sorry Nin.

Anyway I've tried once or twice to get certain (unnamed) members of my household
to take nice pictures of myself in my assorted outfits,
but I end up looking very unpleasant indeed.

I even showed them pictures of Miriam and said, I want to look like her,
make me look like Miriam. 

Anyhow the other day at playcentre Chrissy took these pictures of me
looking all bright and cheery and decided to post them
for Wardrobe Wednesday  Friday, better late than never eh!

Bright red shoes $2 Sally Army
Socks probably belonging to Reuben if each has their own, ahem.

Luckily David doesn't read my blog, he actually would kill me for posting this, hehe
Jeans - the warehouse
Dress - Sally Army Sydney.

Purple t-shirt the Warehouse,
Red Merino Cardy the Warehouse

It's a lot of layers, what can I say, it's FREEZING cold here this winter.
Now I've worked out where the party is,
I might join again. I think they have themes and things!

Wardrobe Wednesday at


  1. Lovely Deb! i love your style and the red shoes and cardi are great!!!

  2. Looking good, Deb. I know what you mean about not being sure on how to get involved with blog communities, links, lists problem whatever they are or are called.

  3. Yah! *happy dance* you joined in. I'm not in the habit of pushing my fashion blog - you might start avoiding me at the coffee shop if I did....humm maybe I should rethink that strategy - I thought you knew!! Anyho you look fab as usual - love that you styled a print dress with the cardi, tunic and jeans. Looking forward to many more outfits. xx

  4. That's a great colourful combination ... I would just take the dress thinking of the tempratures here right now ... does it ever get really cold down there? I mean like winter jacket cold? snow trouser cold?
    That looks like a perfectly nice late spring/early autumn outfit... But yes the "onion principle" is great for colder times.

  5. i love these pioctures of you...great outfit and i love that you snuck a picture of your hubby in

  6. Sounds like something Joey would be interested in, that's how she clothes us all, even me (mr fussy)

  7. love the colour combos and the shoes!!!! Loving the bright colours against the chill of winter. You look great xx

  8. I just LOVE you and colour
    Your such an inspiration xxx

  9. Purple and red = fab. You = also fab. Pish posh to you and your lack of style comments - you look wonderful.

  10. Go Deb! You look great - far more stylish than what I wear to playcentre!!! x


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