Sunday, August 5, 2012

10 Skills a Teenager needs to know for leaving home...

Chrissy is preparing to fly the nest, spread her wings and 
practice being a grown up in the next few weeks.

I've keep thinking I should be telling her things and giving her advice,
but I realised that I have spent the last 19 years preparing her for this.

My parenting philosophy can be summed up in this:
"Preparing for Independence"
and so the best I can I've taught Chrissy the skills she needs in the big wide world.
Here's ten skills that she has that I hope will help her as she goes and grows...

1. She knows how to cook, and  
2. how to do the washing,
3. she knows what a balanced diet is, and how 
4. exercise is important.
5. She knows how to be a good friend and 
6. how to work hard.
(She's not so flashing at the picking up after herself side but hey, she'll learn)

7. She knows how to make do with what you have and 
8. how to make your home look loved.

9. She knows where her true strength lies and has a good support network.
10. She knows how to keep herself safe and how to ask for help if she needs it.

So what she really needed was some treasures from home to take with her,
my favourite pincushion and rotary cutter and some sewing essentials.
She has a stack of new fabric to cut up and plans to make herself a new quilt.
Just like her new life (just a few blocks from home)
which she will snip and cut to shape around her,
knowing full well we are there if she needs us.

She's taking with her this pile of quilts that I've made her over the years,
all made with love and care, with prayers for her sewed into every seam.
We are so excited for her and her new venture.

Isn't it grand??


  1. You are a fantastic Mama with a very well adjusted independant girl!! All the best chrissy! <3

  2. This is lovely - And those 19 years of quilts are divine - lucky girl!

  3. You are a fantastic Mum Deb and have taught you daughter the perfect skills needed for leaving home. Having quilts to take with her is so lovely, all those memories.
    Anne xx

  4. I have sent four out into the world and as they leave I think of 100 things I probably should have told them. But then I just tell myself I have done my best and the rest is up to them. You have done all you can and more. x

  5. I wish, wish I had been sent out into the world with a high stack of quilts and a bag full of sewing goodness - I got an old fold out couch and a set of drawers. hah.
    It sounds like you have done an absolutely brilliant job, I can only hope I can do half as well with my lot. It seems a long while off, but I'm certain the years will fly by!

  6. Great advice. Great upbringing. You've done well.

  7. That is an inspiring amount of quilts to send your daughter on her way. On any hard day she will be able to snuggle and feel your love without needing you there. Well done. I pray my boys will be as well equiped. Cheers Karen.

  8. I hope I do that well by my girl. xx

  9. deb xxxx big steps for you both - Chrissy is an exceptional young woman and you are launching her out well prepared. This is a big step for you too - I'm a bit tearful reading it. Right time, right preparation, beautiful bunch of quilts - the parenting isn't finished but you have done a mighty fine job so far xxxx

  10. ohhh this post brought a tear or two to my eyes, ...

  11. So beautiful and I love this! Printing for future reference and to remind myself of what I really need to be teaching my daughters. :)

  12. that is wonderful for her....but as a mom it makes me a little sad to know that someday i will be in this position as well. i only hope i feel that i have prepared my daughter as well as you. i love that list. i might just copy it down as a checklist for the future

  13. oh how sweet! I know it will be a time of adjustment for both of you and will definitely be lifting you up in prayer. I know you are so proud of her...congratulations!

  14. Wow, does that show the years flying past or what? I know Chrissy will do good with all she has been given and all that will be given into the future. What a wonderful family.

  15. What a beautiful post! Good luck Chrissy, you are a lucky girl to have such a lovely supportive Mum. Have fun in your new home.

  16. Those are the most precious skills to have and they will all have been taught through the years. You should be very proud that your girl has such a brilliant foundation. And to give her your favoirite pin cushion, well that is love!
    I linked up to you today to share those beautiful fabrics you sent me a while back. Thanks again for them x

  17. Awwww Deb you made me cry
    What a fabulous Mama you are
    You sure you don't want to adopt a 39 year old Aucklander?
    LOVE the pile of quilts

  18. This is such a beautiful post !
    I think it should be compulsory reading for every parent/guardian/influencer.
    Beautifully said x


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