Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A floral quilt for the Colour Me Happy Project...

I'm just getting in on this one, but when I saw the Colour Me Happy challenge this month,
I knew I had to own it or at least give it a good go.

After all, what's not to love about flowers, especially vintage sheet flowers!
Reuben has a sofa in his classroom at school with a manky old sheet on it
so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make something cosy for the classroom.

I visofixed the big flowers onto a backing sheet and sewed them down.
Then I was going to hand quilt around them in yellow
but my friend Shenleigh wanted to practice her free motion quilting
and "borrowed" it to practice on. Yippee!

I love love love what she did to it.
Taking a very simple quilt to a quilt with really something going on!
It's also really durable now, so should be able to stand being in the classroom.

I have five fat quarters and the rest of this blue sheet to giveaway
just leave a comment if you are interested.

And as always, many more sheets available in my shop,
pop in and visit sometime.


  1. Deb it looks stunning. I've been meaning to join in with that all year too - maybe next month. love it

  2. WOW WOW WOW colour me happy is right
    This is amazing I LOVE it
    So talented

  3. your friend did a great job ... I would say she doesn't really need the practice anymore. I like the "modernly" cut flowers using the vintage sheets, it sort of brings the times closer together.

  4. What a great project. I love love love the quilting. Cheers Karen

  5. What a cheery and happy looking quilt, and a quick and easy design idea.

  6. It is fun to just create such a joyous quilt. I bet the kids love the gift as well and that doubles the fun.
    Shenleigh is very talented, lucky you have each other to expand your talents.

  7. I love this one Deb!
    What a great thing to make for the classroom

  8. It's gorgeous Deb. I am constantly amazed at how you roll out these beauties over night. Do you sleep?? Every time I see that you've made another quilt I get an attack of the guilts for not finishing even one of the ones I've got on the go! x

  9. The quilt is gorgeous Deb! I really like the vintage sheet and the quilting is spectacular. Great job by you and your friend. :)

  10. It is such a happy quilt Deb I am sure the kids are going to love it!

  11. Oh Deb, this quilt is gorgeous! Such fun colours and the quilting is amazing.

  12. Gorgeous! that is one lucky sofa!


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