Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Monday Morning Adventure....

Annie wanted to see baby lambs so after we had done our jobs this morning
we went off in search of them.
And look we found them! So so cute.

Then we went and Annie had a brownie (warmed up with cream)
and mummy had a coffee and a cake.
Then we popped down the road to the op shop.
Annie wanted the toys in one of those silly machines
(they get them out on Doc McStuffin!!)
I love how she colour co-ordinates with the shop!

Then we came home. Annie fell asleep in the car of course.
It still looks very very wintery and there is water and mud everywhere.

I love country letter boxes and entrances.

Yes it's still winter. Spring is just around the corner,
but we are still having rain rain rain and cold days.

It won't be long though, till these trees burst into leaf
and all seems well with the world again!

I for one can't wait.

But just incase we get too discouraged,
the blossom is beginning to flower.

Ah yes, just around the corner.


  1. Spring is slowly making it's way here with buds on trees and blossom trying to burst into flower. Very wet here to the point that water birds are visiting our yard. Love Annie's outfit and your drive in the country was a lovely treat for you both. x

  2. Hi Deb,

    Aksinia (from Felt) is here. You have lovely blog. It'll definitely quicken me to create one of mine :-)

    About the toys your purchased from me on Felt. They are all ready to be shipped to you. Could you give me your delivery address to send them into.




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