Monday, August 27, 2012

A quilt for Megan...

A beautiful girl called Megan was leaving our Church to travel to Melbourne
to take up a new job there.  I had the flu but I was on a time frame to get it done.
I had seen this quilt that Amber made and decided to use the same tutorial to make it.

We all wrote messages on the back for her.

I was really really pleased how it turned out. 
The colours are bold and strong and they compliment each other so well.

I've had the lavender spot I used for the binding for years and years
and finally the perfect project to use it on!

You make the blocks in sets of nine and I think I did three sets.

This fence of doom is around the St Marks church on Opawa Road,
this is where I was on the 22nd Feb last year and watched the tiles fall off the roof
and the spire wave to and fro. I drive past many times a week
and I can always see that happening in my head.


  1. Free spirited as always. Your attitude to colours and blocks is wonderful and it has rubbed off on me. What a beautiful and heartfelt gift for a young woman. I am so sorry that you have witnessed such devastation, things such as this will always be in your life but maybe time will soften the edges.
    ((((( big hug)))))).

  2. Fantastic. What a great memory to send with her.

  3. you just have a hands for choosing colours. So bright and joyful - I'm sure the new owner will be more than happy to take it with her.
    I know it must be sad to see all those buildings go down around you, but hopefully something new will be build - and until then you have a lot of fences to choose from to make great pictures for us.

  4. so beautiful and I love the label too

  5. Just last week I was telling someone about you. I told her that you make quilts for people and hang them around your hometown. It is such a lovely thing you do.

  6. Love it Deb - I love the way you use colour in such an instinctive way x

  7. Hi Deb - you don't know me but the person you made this quilt for is referred to in my family as "our Megan". My mum was charged with carrying your precious quilt safely to Melbourne last Friday for Megan. You did an amazing job of the quilt and Megan was just over the moon when she received it. When she showed it to me the next day, she was still awe struck and in love! I was blown away by the love and care that so obviously went into making it. A superb job in every sense.

    I read your blog post from today after Megan posted the link to it on Facebook. Its funny that I read some of your learnings and am reminded that we have all learnt such different things over the last two years in our "village".

    The most interesting contrasts I saw were your comments about buildings and foundations. As a structural engineer, I've learned that although like you my security is not my stuff, that buildings are in fact my life which makes going to work every day pretty exciting despite all the hard stuff that goes around living and working in Christchurch. That the right foundations are more important than strong ones and that our legacy from all of this will be an awesome city that our children will flourish in. So for me, every bare site in the CBD, every fence, digger and demolition is now a possibility and part of that bright future. Like you say, you can bloom where you are planted - we're taking lots of ugly bits and building something new and beautiful. There really is a lot you can learn in two years!!!


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