Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All you need is a bit of teeny tiny bunting....

You know sometimes life gets a bit blah,
the puppy eats a new mat (thanks for all your comments, it helped a bit!!)
the clothes drier dies (disaster) 
The house is a tip and you have folks coming over
plus you need to bake.
So instead of tackling that stuff head on,
I found a post card that the very talented Stella had sent me
and realised today was the very day to make tiny bunting.

Simply sweet, adorable bunting.

Perfect little bunting
with nothing but a hot glue gun and some scissors and string.
Perfect for today.

Annie saw it and went *gasp "It's tiny"
Yes it is. Tiny but happy.

Luckily for you, Stella is having a big third birthday bonanza
and you could win some. 
So rush over and enter your name because life is so much better
once you have tiny bunting.

She also makes tiny kites.

And amazing amazing alphabet cards.

Basically every little thing Stella does (get the pun??)
I love. That's why I'm being a one-woman cheerleading team here,
because I love Stella and her teeny tiny creations.

don't even get me started on her birthday parties.... sigh

Now excuse me while I admire my bunting
before I cook dinnerbakecookiescleantoiletwash(butnotdry)the laundry.....
ad infinitum..... 


  1. Tiny bunting sounds like it was just the key for today.
    Uber sweet for sure.

  2. Sorry due to lack of that bake the dinner, clean the cookies and wash the toilet? my little attempt at humor there.
    Bunting is very cheery.

  3. everyday needs a mini bunting like is so adorable.

  4. that bunting is simply adorable

  5. Nawww!! You're such a sweet lady Deb! Thank you so much for your kind words xxxx


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