Thursday, August 16, 2012

Annie gets a new wardrobe for $5

Yesterday afternoon while I was tidying and cooking
I pulled out my bag of things to sew for Annie.
This pair of pants was a very stretched out of shape dress.
Perfect dancing pants for a princess.

This pinafore actually just needed the straps shortening so she can wear it.

This was a piece of fabric that looked like the back of a skirt,
I made a wee swing top with tied shoulders.

This pair of stretchy trousers was made from an old skirt.
Very loud pants. Perfect for child who likes to look like a rainbow.

I can't remember where this piece of fabric came from but here's another swing top.

This was a singlet top from Supre (shudder) which I cute off the sides
and then cut the spaghetti straps and knotted them.
Annie loves this, must look out for some more, so so easy.

So all in just over an hour I made three pairs of pants,
one skirt (not pictured), two swing tops, one dress and one pinafore.
Good going I thought and Annie was very happy.

These super bright pants are made from stretchy fabric
and she loves them too. Feels so good to use stuff lying around
and also to give Annie some much needed clothing for that late winter period.


  1. Hi Debs, this is just awesome. I absolutely love all her bright pants. I hope she keeps that fashion trend all her life. cheers Karen

  2. Love Annie's new wardrobe, well done! I loved how easy it was to make a new wardrobe for my kids when they were little and from next to nothing too. Definitely changes as they get older. x

  3. awesome! I've restyled some ruffle singlets into dresses for my daughter, so quick and perfect for dancing in too.

  4. go you!! that is almost a whole wardrobe.

  5. Ohhh for the days I could wear loud pants.....sometimes I still do, much to my familys horror....I have dubbed them my " leisure pants" way to go with the upcycling.

  6. LOVE creating wardrobes this way!!!

  7. Woo! You're a machine! Lucky Annie, getting a gorgeous, bright, new wardrobe. Wish putting together a new one for me was this easy!


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