Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kenny did a bad bad thing....

I like animals.
It feels like home to me to have plenty of them around.
Here is Mondo (spoodle 8) and Kenny (terrier 4 months)

The children like pets.
They love having a cat sleep on their beds. (We have three cats)

David tolerates pets. 
(We have five chickens)

We kinda hope they will stay out of his way
you know, not annoy him too much.
To be honest, he didn't really want Kenny
but he let us have him. (That's our story and we are sticking to it!)

But Kenny did a bad bad thing.
He chewed the new mat that we just put down on the floor.
David caught him in the very act
(James was going to say he did it!!)

I think we are going to be eating humble pie for a long long time after this episode.
Why Kenny? 
Why did you have to chew dad's mat?
Why couldn't you have chewed something old and manky??

Aaaaargh! pet parenting fail.


  1. But look at his face! You can't stay mad at a face like that.

  2. I know that feeling too well. My pup ate so many of Gooseman's things! including a very expensive x box remote thingiee, the sky remote (which has never been replaced), another expensive set of computer headphones, i phone charger, an entire chair...just to name a few of the memorable ones!

  3. My little girl chewed all the lounge room window sills, all my leather work shoes, and lots more when she was a puppy. Her specialty was stealing wallets and hiding them. But we forgive them and forget what they do, unless we look at the window sills! Kenny looks far too innocent to have committed a crime. x

  4. Our pup is famous for peeing on number one son's xbox....fried electrics......not a happy boy! I tried to turn it around and tell him he should close his bedroom door....bad mummy moment. :-/... All is forgiven now, xbox replaced at birthday.

  5. I'm with David!!! You know me. :o) In my childhood the pets helped speed along the divorce - mum's dog ate through the wiring on dad's trailor multiple times and then when dad got a dog he kept chewing the head off mum's mops!! Love this post - hilarious

  6. It's good he tolerates them, he obviously realises how important they are! Lucky little Kenny looks well loved (LOVE his name).But yep, naughty pets are never fun!!45 nfastso

  7. But he's sooo cute. Just think....could always be worse. I have an 8 year old Great Dane that ate the wall...down to the studs. Dry wall, nails, crown molding...everything.

  8. Oh no! I saw the damage on instagram. Amazing really when you think about it.

  9. This made me laugh Deb, especially the fact that James was going to take the blame! And fancy Kenny being caught in the act, I can just imagine the ruckus that followed. He's rather adorable though isn't he? I've often said if my dog wasn't so cute there's no way he'd have got away with the things he has. That's love for you hey
    Jo x


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