Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lunch in the sunshine....

We've all been fighting bugs for weeks in our house,
coughs and colds and such like.

The other morning I said to the girls that once we had the jobs done
we would go to Lyttleton to pick up a couple of magazines from the bookshop.

After we had done that and the sun was shining,
I decided to get some lunch and go to Corsiar bay for some sunshine.

It was beautiful there, and although it was a bit cool,
I had a couple of quilts and jackets in the car so we were sorted.

We ate our lunch and then Annie found some shells.

Ah it was lovely.
Just felt like re-setting our compass. Looking at the sea and the sky.

I love that we can just do things like this sometimes,
I don't want life to be so busy that you can never nip out for lunch in the sunshine occasionally.

This is one of my older quilts, its been washed a million times
and now it lives in the car for occasions when we want to have a picnic.


  1. my goodness she is precious!!! i love that you got the chance to slow down and enjoy the sun and sea. what a treat

  2. What a great idea - some fresh air and gorgeous scenery! The colds and flu have been visiting here too - sick and tired of the little one getting it!xxJ

  3. Glad to hear you had a nice lunch in the sun! It makes a world of difference when things are a bit grey just to have a sunny day.

  4. Ahh, time to slow down and smell the sea! It is good to be reminded........of what really really counts. Thank you :-)

  5. We are sick at our house too. I guess it makes the days we feel well all that much sweeter.


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