Monday, August 20, 2012

Paper Pieces Hexagons my way...

My paper pieced hexagon quilt is nearly done,
I'm just sewing on the borders now. I can't wait till it's all done.
I have a lot of scraps left over so I thought I'd write how I did it
and see if you want to make one yourself.

I used giant hexagons, these are four inches across.
I cut my fabric near enough to the size and then fold the fabric over the paper piece and sew it down.

I've been using my old threads for this because it doesn't matter if they break,
they are coming out after anyhow.

Then I whip stitch the pieces together. I did it in rows.
So I would sew a row of hexagons together
and then I would attach that row to the previous row I did. Make sense?

It looks messy on the back, but I don't care. You could cut them to size
or you could trim after. I don't mind a bit of weight in a quilt.

I've made up a pile of bundles and they are going in the shop for $5 each if you want to try this.
You should be able to cut 40-50 hexagons (depending on their size) from each bundle.
You would need four bundles to make a quilt the same size as mine.


  1. Funny how we have different techniques but achieve the same results. I imagine the sewing in lines to be fiddly?

  2. Now I haven't dropped my bundle , but I will be picking up yours! I have just started appreciating hexagons, and being me I started a fiddly project, yours sounds like it would come together quickly. Love it, as usual.

  3. Hi Deb, 4 inch squares sounds like the way to go. It's looking totally lovely!
    I'd love to see how you're doing the edges, I'm not too sure how I'm gonna go about doing mine.
    Jo x


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