Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scrap Basket Quilt Number Six

Remember the yellow scrappy star quilt?? 
Well there are still scraps left over of course and so I wanted to make something different.
I brought 2.5 metres of this beautiful cotton floral from trademe
and cut large squares from it.

Then I sewed strips on two sides of the squares
and a triangle on the corner.
I sewed them all together and used a dark floral from my vintage stash
to border it all.

I backed it with a soft worn flannelette sheet ($2 Sally Army)
and some light batting from Kutwell ($4 a metre)

I bagged the quilt rather than binding it and hand stitched around the edge to hold it firm.

Snuggling under it is like being under a warm cloud.
It's is amazing. We all love it. 

It looks ok too and such a different look from this one.
I do like to add a fabric to my scraps to unite them.
It makes them go a long way too.

I don't think this quilt is going to be put away for a long time,
everyone loves it too too much.

Here's a picture of the backing. 
It was a sheet I got that wasn't good enough for the shop,
but it's got loads of wear left in it and is perfect for this scrappy quilt.
I love this kind of making the best of all.
It feels like quilting should be like this, using what we have to make something.

I just had to put a picture in of this.
When the fence of doom was put around this building I couldn't believe it,
it's been there forever.

They used to have the best garage sales in there and I've rummaged for treasure
many and many a time.

I hate to see so much of our community being torn apart like this.

I hope the city planners keep this in mind as they make plans for our city.
It bothers me that they seem to want to make a clean slate,
but you can't erase our city like that. It might just be buildings
but they are special buildings to us. [rant over]

Anyway I have one more little quilt to make from these scraps
and then I'll give away the remnants cause three from this colourway is enough for me!!


  1. Love this quilt! Beautiful colors. And I have a real soft spot for quilts made out of fabric that has already been loved :)

  2. I Love the quilt. I really like the ethos of reusing and upcycling. I do a lot of it - on my blog
    Well done, you are inspiring. Karen

  3. Even simple quilts are beautiful aren't they? Well done, I love that you are continuously recycling fabrics into something useful. x

  4. Oh so pretty and it looks so comfy-cozy!

  5. it's gorgeous, deb! love all the colorful fabrics. so cheery! :)

  6. Your quilt is gorgeous, just gorgeous. You rant all you like about your city, you can't erase good memories and it must be incredibly hard to see buildings demolished. Thinking of you.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  7. Your quilt looks so lovely and snuggly and your daughter looks as snug as a bug in a rug! Beautiful.

  8. this is another stunning quilt....beautiful job. i love the sheet for the backing.

  9. To me this is what quilting is about xxx

  10. I'm with Cat on this one. So nice to see beautiful, but thrifty quilts, especially when the blogosphere is so full of blogs pushing new releases of expensive quilt fabric.


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