Sunday, August 12, 2012

The best learning happens when you let go...

Playcentre is about letting the child lead and you following and providing the tools for learning.
Playcentre is awesome. I wish I had found it 19 years ago.

Here's Annie painting. She kept taking the brushes out of the pots and putting them on the table,
after I put them back twice I realised she wanted to make little strokes with a fine brush
so I threw the thick chunky brushes across in the art sink and found her some more.

"I'm painting a rainbow" she said.

Someone had put out red, yellow and purple.
I wanted her to know there was other colours but I didn't just want to tell her
so I went and found a book about rainbows in the bookcase and read it to her.

We talked about the colours and she told me what she wanted.
I bit my tongue and didn't say what shape I thought a rainbow should be.
I realised it doesn't matter. She was painting what she wanted.

And she did, ever so carefully.

The magic doesn't happen every morning but when it does,
it's fantastic. This book is awesome by the way if you have an anxious child,
it's a lovely addition to a book shelf.

This picture could be my most favourite ever.
I'll use these pictures to write up a story and stick in her profile book.
Precious precious mornings,
I love them.


  1. I love this post, I would adore it if you could write more often about playcentre.
    We've been going for some time now (a year and a half, maybe?) but I still don't feel like much of a 'playcentre Mum'. Otto is well and truly a 'playcentre kid' though. I'm trying to remedy this by working harder on the profile books (never really got into them before, or centre is a touch slack, perhaps due to noone having much PC education?) and finally doing my course 1 and considering the beginning of my course 2.
    I'd love to hear more about your PC journey on your blog, I would find it very inspiring xx

  2. It is a very wise mum that allows the space for her child to lead. Creativity is very personal and there are no rules....again something I should take on board....thank you Annie.

  3. Oh that is so awesome. A very beautiful rainbow indeed.

  4. This simply needs to be framed! It is perfect!

  5. what an awesome, HUGE learning for you both - that is the essence of what I loved about Playcentre, too, and has shaped so much of how Phoebe and I interact with her learnings.Annie-Rose's style is very similar to Phoebe's as well - quite certain of her own intention and quite fine expression! Yummy! (this is Wendy McLoughlin, by the way - not Aaron - just on his computer randomly!)


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