Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Today I visited the lovely Miriam on this cold wintery day
for a hot cuppa tea and some encouraging chat.
But while I was there she took some Wardrobe Wednesday pictures for me
so I could join in the fun.

I'm wearing my newest thrifted dress $2.50 
with my absolute favourite black tshirt over the top.
It's actually a maternity tshirt from when I was pregnant with Reuben
(true story) that I've worn and worn and worn.
It's got a wee hole in it but I keep wearing it anyhow.

I'm wearing my Sara boots and Ezibuy cardy oh and leggings of course from Cotton On i think.

Miriam told me the poses to do 
so that I don't look like an angry fishwife as I do in the pictures I take.
On a bad day I sound like one too,
just ask my family, haha.

I love these pictures that Miriam took,
I might have to visit her every wednesday!!!

PS I'm wearing David's socks, shhhh don't tell,
he hates us wearing his socks, but we all do,
he has the most socks in the whole house,
and we figure he won't notice (he usually does)

Are you a first-up-best-dressed family???
Or each-to-their-own???

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  1. ha! I always steal goosemans socks.
    lookin fine lady

  2. That Miriam!! I've been to her house on a Wednesday and she snapped photos for me too! hahahaha!! Looking good, love that your tshirt is 18 years old!!

    (I wear all of hubbys socks too. Infact, I have none of my own, so I figure his are actually "ours")

  3. I love your style Deb!
    I am finding my daughter is stealing all my socks these days!

  4. And today I wore Mr 7 years old socks and Mr husbands sweatshirt
    Nothing wrong with that

    LOVE your dress

  5. You look lovely and comfy, a good choice on these wet and cold days. I don't steal Thomas' socks, but then his feet are bigger than mine and I have lots of hand-knit socks. I might possibly consider stealing the ones I'm currently knitting for him though; they've got cashmere in them!

  6. The dress is adorable and I covet those boots! My daughter steals all my socks. I get mad at her but the the thieving continues!

  7. Ha you look super cute and I basically have no socks today I was wearing mis-matching ones!

  8. Miriam - the champion of WW!! Bless her to bits. Swoon over the dress - that print *sigh* I don't know where you find all the good stuff, but I'm going to have to invite myself along to one of your op shopping trips - you have a great eye. Also still coverting your Ezibuy boots - I went in but they were all sold out. Dang!

  9. Oh - and socks. That must be a *thing* with husbies and wives. I totally use his - I have none of my own. But that's because he stole all of mine and wore them out and I never got round to replacing them. True story!

  10. oh goodness you look lovely!!!! those boots are awesome.

  11. Very stylish I must say. I personally wouldn't or couldn't wear the mens socks around here.......something to do with very smelly feet! Stay cool, I mean stay warm, be cool!

  12. Loving the colour of the dress, very pretty!
    And yes, Abraham is the sock owner in our house too - though I can't stand socks so I only wear them on very, very cold nights when I go to bed with popsicle toes : )


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