Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A few snapshots of the residential red-zone....

David and I and the younger children had to go to the residential red zone
to pick up a desk that James had brought me for my birthday.

We don't go there that often, the roads are dire 
and it's deeply depressing, but every now and again we go to see the progress of decay.

This was a beautiful stadium build for the Commonwealth Games in the 70s
and used all the time for athlethics, also with a large pool and gym etc.

It was wrecked and now is being pulled down.

It's hard to believe, I've taken the kids swimming here so many times,
but never ever again. And the rate of rebuild, I'll probably never get to take all four of them again.
It's too late for the teenagers and will be a long time for the younger children.

It's hard to photograph the scale and enormity of the destruction here
and two years on the roads are just destroyed.

More and more empty sections appear,
and eventually all of the houses in this zone will go
and hopefully it will be a park (the government has brought them all out).
Whatever you say about the government,
this is an amazing thing they have done for the people of Christchurch.

See the sub-station on the left, it looks like it just sunk straight into the ground.

Broken houses, once someone's pride and joy.

Imagine coming home to this,
or even worse, being in it when it happened.

But it's not all doom and gloom in Christchurch,
on monday our local supermarket reopened.
It's hard to describe how happy this makes us all.
It's like we have our place back, where we go and always see someone we know,
oh how I've missed that.

To be honest, we need a lot more stories like that,
but eventually we will get there.

For you overseas folks, don't forget us though, Christchurch is one large demolition site,
it's an on-going process!! We still need encouragement to keep going,
especially the children.

It makes me sad, that Reuben says,
the minute he's old enough, he's outta here.
He can see no future for himself in Christchurch.


  1. Such a slow process, he may say that now but when and if he leaves, he may also see the beauty of what he left behind. It is unimaginable but even our bushfire areas are slowly coming back to life, life does have a habit of regenerating. Hugs to you all, there is a bright future.

  2. Was there a lot of looting after the quakes? All those empty houses and buildings must have been a big temptation for the dirtbags.

  3. I lived on the outskirts of the red-zone but our house was in the green zone. We left earlier this year to start a new life in Australia because just driving to the shops was like going off-roading without a 4WD! It was depressing. Life is good here but I miss my family and friends desperately and ChCh will always be home. I do hope to return one day but who knows. I love getting the updates of whats happening there from your blog - you have such a positive attitude to it all which I really admire.

  4. Sad post, Deb. I hope things will eventually get better for you all! I know it's not easy. (((Hugs)))

  5. so sad what Roo said - but for some of them the rawness is so real still xxx

  6. *sigh*
    It really is so full on.
    I'm with you in spirit, and all the more grateful for the facilities around me here in my part of the world. So easy to take for granted until you see them taken away.

  7. Wow, I left Christchurch eight months ago and seeing these is awfully sobering. I have no real desire to come back and see the city crippled like this.

  8. My husband is from Christchurch and even though I have only been once, back in 2008, seeing these pictures is so heartbreaking. Christchurch is such a beautiful city, and it's sad that people are leaving, but I can kind of see their reasons. Our friends that still live their, say they feel like they are living on edge. It will of course take time, but I'm sure Christchurch will return to being a beautiful, liveable city x


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