Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Playcentre: What do we do there??

Sophie asked me what Playcentre was all about, 
so I thought I would try and write a bit about it.

Playcentre is for children from birth till school.
It's a place for families to learn and grow together.

You become involved in Playcentre because you spend a lot of time there,
it becomes your community, your Whanau.
We support each other as parents and encourage each other
and on the whole it's a wonderful place to be.

You learn to extend your child's learning yourself
and this works seamlessly with what you do at home.
You learn to observe their play and figure out (with Te Whariki the curriculum)
what they are learning.
You learn to see the connections and to be able to support what the child wants to achieve.
There is free high-quality parent education
which helps you both at home and on session at Playcentre.

I love that you can see something interesting on say Pinterest
and bring it to centre and do it with the children.
Like this natural playdough which we added fresh herbs too.

I love that we can get stuck into messy play in a way we don't feel inclined to at home!!

You can drop your child off once they are two and a half for session,
Isla here stays on by herself on Monday afternoons.
She seems to like the independence and being a big girl!

Even if you drop off you still help with clean up at the end,
but many hands make for light work really 
and it's a good chance to catch up on what's been going on in your absence.

One of the best parts of Playcentre is being able to hang out with the other parents.
It's non-threatening and bit by bit we learn about each other
and become friends. We share tears and joys
and we are real with each other. 
It's hard to be artificial or fake when you have paint in your hair
and playdough on your top haha.

Playcentre is also very cost effective,
that is it's super cheap. I don't know why but it's awesome.
It means your child doesn't miss out on loads of fun stuff
just because you can't afford or justify pre-school.
Annie and I love it.
Our lives are enriched in every way by Playcentre!
Do you have a Playcentre story to share??
Link up your blogpost in the comments!!


  1. I haven't got a blog post about Playcentre, but wanted to say how much we loved it. My big kids all went to kindly or daycare, but Mr surprise baby and I did Playcentre. It was a life saver. We made wonderful life long friends and learnt so much together. I would definitely recommend it.

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