Friday, September 21, 2012

Simple medallion quilt using Prince Charming Fabrics...

I had some a block of squares sewn together left over
from another project knocking around and I've been busy meeting all sorts of deadlines
(including working on an essay for my first paper)
and felt like just a bit of straight sewing to get my head sorted.

I had picked up a few of the new Prince Charming prints from Spotlight
and I literally tore them into strips (yes I know class quilter I am)
and sewed them around the centre square.

It's so bright and happy. I'm not sure the middle goes with the edges
but the effect from a distance, I'm happy with it.

Yes it's not perfect, at all.
Hello wonky joins. But it will still keep someone special warm.
It will still look lovely on their bed and make them smile.
Hopefully they will remember seeing Annie wear a dress from the green fabric.

And remember their Aunty when they see the russian dolls.

Not only is it bright and cheerful, it's also got some nice warm memories in it.

Isn't that what a quilt is for?

Ps: I didn't alter the colours at all of these pics,
the sunshine just made the fabrics glow!!


  1. I love your spontaneity, don't change your style it's liberating!

  2. It is beautiful! Only God makes perfect things! Love it and love all your quilts!


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