Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Night Reflections....

Today Annie-Rose had her Playcentre disco
with all her wee friends.

Blacked out windows and some fairy lights and some dance music
and they were all sorted.

It's so lovely having a preschooler to parent,
it's all so simple and straightforward.

A + B = C
And you can sort most of their problems.
I love it. It's exhausting (think sleep deprivation) but it's fun.

I wish all of my parenting tasks were as simple.
Sometimes I feel like parenting is a bit like living in Christchurch,
all vanished dreams and constant pulling down. Sigh.

Sometimes I get sick of being the grouch,
does anyone else feel like that??

Anyway moving right along,
it's Sunday night, it's a fresh week beginning, it's going to be great this week 
isn't it?

Either way at least I've this sweetie to play with every day
(apart from two mornings I let Grandma play with her)

This week I want to....
finish that essay (Lying in Romantic Relationships - zzzzzz)
finish the quilt for Molly (I have an idea, trust me Rhiannon)
bake a cake that looks pretty,
plant my dahlias (hopefully it's not too late)
take Annie to the library and return her frightfully overdue library books
and go for a bike ride around the park.


  1. My son said I am not fun because I don't play with him enough and my husband told me I am a grinch. I feel a bit deflated so here is to a great week! It can only get better for me I guess!

    Annie looks so cute!

  2. Oh what a sweetheart! Did she have fun at the disco? I love her shiny pink shoes.

  3. Parenting - what a mission! Yes it is certainly tougher the older they get (and I've only observed my teenage nieces and nephews/friends' kids) but this baby of mine is A PIECE OF CAKE compared to the rest of my lot!

    Great plans for your week!

  4. I love that dress! Gorgeous Little Princess!

  5. I am ridiculously tired of being the grouch. I get so sad when Abraham then gets to come home and be the fun guy.. but it is so, so hard to stay cheery when the kids are just not listening/just don't care what you are rabbiting on about. I feel ya, alright.
    Also - totally trust you : ) Mollie and I will be stoked with whatever comes our way!

  6. The first years are physically exhausting the rest mess with your head...:-) I think I survived their adolescence....just. And yes I hate being the grouch....but can I give you this one piece of advise, they need a parent firstly not a "pal" . My son and I clashed as I put up boundaries, now he, with maturity, respects me for being strong when he needed it. Enjoy all their stages and celebrate when you come together as a strong loving family. So endith my lecture!


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