Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thank Goodness its Monday....

We had a lovely weekend with three birthdays to celebrate,
but oh my it was exhausting!!

This morning I'm loving the simple things, 
like the miniature spring flowers on my table.

Remember those pots I planted?
Well they worked beautifully. Those of you in the northern hemisphere,
should run out right now and plant some for next spring.

I'm loving my new clock that David gave me for my birthday,
I love it on the wall here where I can look up and see it all the time.

I'm loving spring flowers so much this year.
I found this wee wall vase in someone's rubbish bin and immediately
hung it on my kitchen wall.

I'm loving last week's tiny thrifty finds, like this 1/4 cup jug.
So so sweet. Must get some more blue tack to stick it down to the shelf.

Now that I've finished my hexagon paper piecing quilt,
and my eight pointed stars, which I hand pieced and I don't know if I've shared here,
I've pulled out my Spring Carnival quilt to work on in quieter moments.

This picture sums up my life at the moment,
the big basket of play tea set for Annie,
my basket of hand piecing and my basket of Psychology books,
add some parenting and a business to run or two 
and life is full right now.

We don't have a front door in this house,
just a back door, and it tends to attract clutter and mess.
David brought me this wonderful vintage planter
and tidied up the deck on Saturday and I have to keep popping out to visit it.

You can still see the clutter collecting inside,
dog beds, gumboots and laundry creeping out,
but at least it's nice and tidy on the outside!!!

This week I'm hoping to become an Aunty again,
exciting much. To cuddle a baby and not have to get up in the night to it
sounds like bliss to me! 

I'm hoping to make a quilt for a friend,
write an essay,
do some more learning stories,
bake cookies, hang out with the wee girl
do some work on the day-job 
and hopefully spring will linger a bit for us.

What are your plans this week????


  1. Three birthdays in one weekend, you have been busy.
    Love seeing the little snippets of your home. What a lovely space.

  2. Happy Birthday! and yay for lovely things and new babies! x

  3. I can't imagine that someone would put that vase in the rubbish! It looks perfect on your wall.

  4. Happy Birthday xxx
    Looking forward to giving you a birthday hug in person REAL soon xxx
    I LOVE that planter LOVE LOVE LOVE

  5. Happy birthday Deb! Your place looks such a cosy, colourful wee nook that im sure the clutter adds to the welcoming atmostphere x

  6. oh i have just had a birthday this past weekend too!! happy birthday to you. and there is still another one for my son this week. busy!!! i love when you share the lovely things that make up your home. it always looks so inviting


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