Monday, September 17, 2012

This is one of those posts you look at if you are an Aunty, Uncle or Grandparent of my kids!!

A weekend or two ago I was doing something (I've forgotten what)
and David took the younger kiddies to the gardens.
Spring is definitely in the air but the sun is shining 
and it's great to be out in the fresh air.

David took his camera and took these pictures and I love them.
It's always such a treat to see them having fun when I'm not there.


I think this is "oooh Roo you are soooo high up"

Another poser!

Plotting mischief!

Looking "innocent"

Would you trust this face?

If you tell Annie to smile for the camera,
she ALWAYS puts her arms up!

See spring flowers!

Possibly from the Gardens??

This summer I want to be out in the fresh air as much as we can.
The word I have is "Celebrate"
I want to celebrate each other and make every occasion special.


  1. Beautiful photos Deb.
    Celebrate is a wonderful word and I hope to join you in celebrating the outdoors with my family over the coming months. We are so lucky to live in this amazing country!

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  3. Not an Aunty but still very sweet! :-)

  4. celebrate is what we all could do - all the time - I so agree - what, I say, WHAT??? are we waiting for? Travelled somewhere recently, not thinking particularly much about the quality of life of the country's inhabitants outside of my cosseted hotel surroundings and came home realising we (most of the time!) "don't know how lucky we are, mate!" Every day is cause for celebration. I'm with you!


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