Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thursday Thrifty Finds.....

I went op-shopping with mum today
which was awesome. I got this beautiful vase that mum spotted.

I can't wait to fill it with hydrangeas and enjoy it in the summer.

This tray is battered and a bit rusty here and there,
but I love it's bright colours and we can use it for the kiddies in the summer.

This beautiful English Johnson's plate,
I could not leave behind. So pretty and summery. 

It's ages since I've found a nice cup and matching saucer.
I love these geometric patterns.

And these old kitchen utensil for using at Playcentre with the clay.
We are using clay more than playdough now and the kids love it.
I think these tools will be a great addition to our collection.

And lastly a few vintage linens.

I should go op-shopping with mum more often!! haha


  1. Holy MOLEY! That is an amazing haul!!

  2. What a beautiful collection of finds. Cx

  3. Very nice finds! I really really love that red tray! So colorful and cheerful! :)

  4. A great day op shopping! The flowers will look amazing in that vase. Sounds like your Mum is a magnet for good things. Love hearing and seeing the finds.

  5. What a successful day you have had. I took my Mum Op Shopping a while ago, something she isn't in to. By the end of the day she had found a few things to get excited about and apparently she now goes to the Op Shop quite often.

  6. Great scores!

    Love it all..

    Maybe your Mum is a good luck charm!


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