Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whew, it's Friday!!!

This has been the longest week ever, you know how some weeks are!
But the best thing that happened was the arrival of my beautiful nephew, Knox.
He is truly the most beautiful baby in the world right now
and we love him to bits.

I just loaded some more fabrics to the fabrichicks website,
but I think I might have to keep a piece of these two and make some summery bunting.

Isn't it lovely? I really really like it. There's still a few pieces left. 
So pop over and visit our website, we are slowly building up the stock
and there's some lovely fabric.

This is our dining table this morning.
David was working and I was studying till 10.30pm last night
and then we got up at 5.30am this morning and worked together on our quotes.
Then I've loaded fabric to the fabrichicks website while the kiddies have breakfast.
It's 8am and time to shower and get Roo off to school.
Tomorrow I'm taking the children to Kaikoura for a week,
school holidays start today. We can't wait.

Checking the to-do list....

 √  finish that essay - well I finished the second draft
√  finish the quilt for Molly - just the hand quilting to go now
 √ bake a cake that looks pretty - Reuben did, it's delicious
plant my dahlias - no didn't get this done
√  take Annie to the library and return her frightfully overdue library books
√ go for a bike ride around the park - went for a walk after tea


  1. I am hoping that once I have had the baby I have some more energy. I barely stay awake past 8:30pm and don't wake up until 7:30am. I feel like such a slacker! haha!

    I also think you may have some of the best op shops around....

    Enjoy those holidays!

  2. Looks like you need a week away for a rest. Congrats on your new nephew, he definitely is gorgeous. x

  3. Enjoy your week away Deb, Im exhausted reading how busy you are!!
    Hope you have a lovely time away.

  4. have a great holiday sweet friend x

  5. Have a lovely lovely holiday. Gosh Knox is a sweet wee man. Thanks for the reminder about the library books...


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