Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A New Spring Quilt.... [and thoughts about Halloween]

Halloween is one of those festivals that you either love or hate.
It seems to polarize people here anyway, partly I guess because it's not autumn here,
but spring and so not a harvest festival at all for us in the southern hemisphere.

 In our street it is the first of the events of the spring that we all participate in
and it's usually a wonderful happy evening that we get together,
the children dress up and collect lollies and we share a bbq tea together.

It really is spring here, and even our garden has burst into life
and it kind of struck me how the colours of spring actually are similar to the colours of autumn
perhaps with just a little more pink!

Plenty of yellow though (my favourite colour)
and lots of purples and oranges too.
So this little bundle of Lizzy House fabrics makes a lovely quilt that I thought
suited our spring as well.

The chives a flowering, almost the same colour as the fabric in the quilt.

Orange roses, so fresh and vibrant against the new green leaves.
I used Dana's windmill tutorial from the Old Red Barn Co quilt-along from a few years ago,
and I love how it's turned out. Perfect for a spring quilt.

I love that it's spring here, all full of life and promise.

I love that we have taken a festival and made it completely our own,
an opportunity to connect again after the winter with our neighbours
and enjoy the spring sunshine.

Shenleigh quilted these lovely spider webs on the quilt,
don't they look amazing. This is a thrifted flannelette sheet.
Oh I haven't bound it yet, but it hasn't stopped it keeping us warm on our bed at nights
and the kiddies snuggling under it. I'll bind it sometime when life is a bit less hectic.

 This quilt for us is not a reminder of the evil and scary stuff,
but a reminder that Spring does come after the hard winter,
and that really any occasion is good to share life with your neighbours.


  1. I want to live on your street. I do, I do!! Love the dash of purple in the scheme too - it stops it looking too autumnal x

  2. Yes! I want to live on your street too! My dream is to live in a neighbourhood with great neighbours and street parties :)
    I love the quilt, that pinwheel design is very cool!
    We don't really do Halloween, but I have done trick or treating once when I was an exchange student in the USA.

  3. I love Halloween! I think that getting together for a 'harvest festival' (even in Spring) is such a lovely tradition - and it provides a good opportunity to laugh at the things that scare us, and diminish their power that way...

  4. I don't have neighbours but if I did I would want them to be just like yours. It is so nice that you can spend time with each other. Love your new quilt.

  5. I too want to live on your street Deb! Thanks for a bit of Southern Hemisphere halloween. I love the fox fabric in the quilt, just so adorable.
    Jo x

  6. Those windmills look great! It is a bright and happy quilt. Happy spring to you - it is trying to be winter here. It's rained for two days now... very dull and grey!


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