Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Quilt for Molly

The lovely Rhiannon and I have decided to do a swap,
further to my conversation yesterday about community.
Rhiannon makes awesome awesome kidlet clothes,
and I make quilts, so Rhiannon is making Annie summer clothes
and I made this quilt for Molly. It's a win-win situation.

I know Rhiannon loves a vintage vibe, so I gathered together a bundle of loveliness,
and inspired by this quilt and one I saw at Stitch
I've been cutting and stitching and gradually this wee quilt is coming together.

It's made from two shirts, a few pillowcases and some solids.
I love how the black and white spot sets it all off.

While I was away last week, I hand quilted it,
and then because it was going so well, I thought I would bind it. 
I went to the lovely quilt shop in Kaikoura and brought some fabric but it didn't speak to me, 
so I went to the recycle centre at Kaikoura
and brought a lovely sheet for binding and sewed on the binding.

This quilt is far from perfect, but I love it this way, I hope Molly does too.
I think she will have lots of snuggles under it!
I didn't cut out any of the backs of the circles because I wanted the quilt to be heavy
but next time I make it I think I might try because it has some bulky
seams going on there!! Hopefully Molly won't notice :)

I have another wee thing to finish to go with it,
and then this is winging it's way up north.
I'm so happy, I love making quilts for people, especially lovely lovely people.


  1. That is GORGEOUS Deb! I'm sure Rhiannon and Mollie will love it! xo

  2. The boldness of the black and white is what lifts and delights this quilt, very special! :)

  3. Hi Deb, what a lovely quilt and all the better for being made using shirts and pillowcases! Totally gorgeous! :)

  4. This is stunning Deb!
    Really love the polka dot circles!!

  5. Oh Deb, there is simply no wrong way to make a quilt from sheets. All that softness is just unbeatable. I love the polka dot you use for the center.

    blessings, jill

  6. Awesome Deb - another winner. Love your work xx

  7. I absolutely adore this quilt!

  8. Love the vintage vibe fabrics. Gorgeous quilt. Cx

  9. I have absolutely loved watching this quilt grow!
    Wish you were here and I could swap you facials and massages for quilts for my kids

  10. Gosh I love the photo of this quilt hanging between the trees - it's stunning. We were so excited to see Molly's quilt in all it's finished glory, great job.

  11. Beautiful! the black polkadot just makes it :)


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