Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Quilt for Pippa...

Our very good friends, Paul and Helen are running the Habitat for Humanity
project here in Christchurch repairing houses of the uninsured.
They are constantly giving to others, busy busy busy.

When Pippa wished her mum could make her a quilt,
I knew this was something I could do.
After all we don't all have the same skills, living in community means each using our talents
to support each other, at least that's what I think it means.
We have far too little community in our modern life.

So I told Pippa to collect 9 shirts and I'd make her a quilt.
We chose some yardage too, to tie it all together.
It took a while but eventually Pippa gave me the most eclectic collection of
shirts, dresses, shorts etc to make a quilt with.
I also rescued a pair of her mum's shorts from the rubbish (that's the blue floral)
and sneakily added them to the mix too.

To be honest, because of the completely different fabrics it was a bit tricky to make,
but somehow it all came together and then Shenleigh quilted it within an inch of it's life.

This means it's all nice and stable now and ties all the fabrics together.
I'm really happy how it turned out and I know Pippa is too.

I'm hoping that as Pippa snuggles under her new quilt
that she will feel the hugs of her family and know that she is loved!

I call these Whanau Quilts (family) and my dream is to one day 
run workshops teaching people to make them.
There's something so special about a quilt made from family clothing.

Don't you love it when a quilt all comes together??
I finished this a couple of weeks ago, but had to save it till Pippa had her birthday!
I've got another one to show you (hopefully tomorrow)
that I finished while we were camping.


  1. That is very clever. I love the design and again your way with colour is pleasing to the eye. Shenleigh is a talented machine quilter also. You are right about us all having a different talent, we should do what we do well.

  2. Don't you just love the way fabrics just seem to fit? I sometimes wonder why we worry so much about making sure our fabrics work together. x

  3. Deb you have a natural eye and a sort of lack of caution that brings your quilts together in such amazing ways. I always love to see what you have made. Looking forward to our photo shoot too!

  4. Wow that is just lovely - what a great meaningful quilt x

  5. wow, Deb, it's so beautiful! very cool that it's made from family clothing. you're a very generous soul!

  6. Love it - and how cool is it that it's made of family clothing... by the way I just read a couple of your holiday posts and I am super envious of your caravan and all it's vintage contents - what a lovely looking holiday!

  7. Though I'm not a quilt maker, I totally get the work it took for the different fabrics to come together so well, what magic you have created for Pippa!


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