Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Week in Kaikoura {part 1}

My friend and I spent a week at Kaikoura camping and making memories with the kiddies.

Good old down to earth fun. Home cooked dinners.
Nachos, pizza, bbq food. Recycled left-overs.

Plenty of bacon. Everything is better with plenty of bacon.

There was a little bit of stitching, but not a lot.
I'll show you that in another post.

But there was plenty of kid craft with dollar shop paints.

And plenty of kid biking about from here and there,
and shorts and t-shirt weather.

A bit of lying about on picnic rugs.

And a bit of baking in the caravan oven, scones and chocolate chip cookies.
There was a trip to the recycle shop for some thrifty bargains too,
Annie fell in love with the yellow plate, it makes everything taste better apparently.

There was lots of fire lighting and sitting and cooking on the fire,
and not much sitting about reading Frankie, I think I'm at page 25.

And lots and lots of enjoying the beautiful scenery and watching the waves roll in.
Now we have one million loads of washing and stuff to put away,
and I'll be back in a couple of days to show a few more pictures (I hope you don't mind)


  1. I can hear the sounds of happy kids and the smell of bacon, yum!

  2. What precious times and memories. Hmmmmm bacon!

  3. So cool!
    Loving A's face in that pic!x


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