Friday, October 12, 2012

A zig zag quilt for a friend

This quilt starting it's planning process maybe two years ago.
It changed a few times along the way, as they do the longer they hang about,
but I've been loving these zig zag quilts about in Blogland
and this is my result.

I had plans for it but then I decided to keep it for us.
I tried it out our bed and it looked amazing.

But then the other sunday I was sitting in church thinking about this quilt
while Amy was talking about how God is so generous to us
(sorry Amy I wasn't really distracted)
and suddenly it popped into my head who I needed to give it to.

So I've bound it with possibly my most favourite binding ever,
and it's going off soon to it's new home where I know for sure it will be loved.

I absolutely love the large zig zags and they come together super fast
so I think I might make another one of these quilts.

I hung it on the fence of doom on Brougham Street 
where a couple of hundred families had to move out of their flats to new homes.

Shenleigh put one of my favourite patterns on it,
I love the swirly paisley pattern.

I also like the wee deer and that citrus green spot.
Aren't they lovely?

I'm so excited, I can't wait to hear what my friend thinks of it.


  1. Good excuse to make another. Again love your colours. For me and I suspect you, it is the making that brings satisfaction, after that it is the giving that makes you smile.

  2. It's awesome Deb - I totally think this is a kind of quilt I could actually do! Love your generous heart xxx

  3. I absolutely LOVE this quilt!!!
    I bet it's new owner will love it
    Your such a kind generous soul

  4. Love the quilt and the colours are wonderful. I made a table runner last year in this design and it is easy, isn't it? x

  5. I don't know how you produce so much Deb. This is gorgeous. What size squares did you start with for the half square triangles? cheers Karen

  6. Lovely quilt! Zigzags are so effective.
    I also hope you get to sew with Lily again soon!


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