Wednesday, October 24, 2012

About Barbara....

This afternoon we are going to say Goodbye to Barbara,
she's the mum of one of our neighbours,
and I've known her for a long long time (mum and dad moved into this street in 1976)

She was a feisty lady full of courage.
She lived her life with the volume turned up
and made a great job of it.
She ruffled a few feathers along the way maybe
but she had a big job to do and she did it with courage and fortitude.

My enduring memory of her will be on the annual garage sale day,
sitting there with her wee table selling her wares.
She was an amazing knitter and spinner,
actually a woman of many talents.

She worked to provide for her family before it was the done thing
and attacked everything with gusto and energy and wouldn't stand any nonsense.
Underneath she had a soft heart, especially for her family and her cat!

Thinking about her today, I feel like she saw the world a little brighter than we did,
and so she wouldn't settle for less.

I'm wearing a red dress today to remind me,
life is meant to be lived with vigour.

Thank you Barbara for being a big part of our community.
Till we meet again,
we'll see you round then....


  1. I think if there is an internet connection up in heaven, she's reading this and so happy someone she touched has such fond memories of her.

  2. I hope when I pass from this life I can say I ruffled a few feathers. How awesome.


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