Sunday, October 7, 2012

Camping in Kaikoura {part 2} making memories....

Parenting is about lots of things, but one of the most important is making memories.
And it's not necessarily the flash stuff that makes memories
I think it's the little things, done on a regular basis.

My theory is that a memory is not just about one occasion that something happened
but multiple times that build a picture in the child's brain 
and when retold over and over again around the winter teatable,
becomes a fable, a truth that we all remember.
(My sister Sharyn remembers coming to Christchurch from Dunedin
even though she wasn't born yet)

Which is one of the reasons I made this picnic blanket,
that we have dragged about with us everywhere for all sorts of occasions,
it's kind of the background for all our picnics.

The children always get to do the dishes (sometimes more sometimes less)
and that in itself has become the stuff of family memories
some of them involving children less than happy to do dishes (they laugh now)

It's quite a lot of work to take kiddies camping,
especially if Dad has to go back to work and mummy is using her crutch to walk about,
but it is totally worth it.

I'm hoping and praying that these times will be the things that the kiddies remember
when they are grown up, that they remember summers spent camping here and there,
playing for hours and riding bikes and eating big dinners at the end of the day.

Lying in bed reading stories to each other,

Watching a movie occasionally when someone needs a rest.

I think they will probably remember the time mum fell both into and out of the caravan,
and the little sewing machine by the door.

And I know for sure they will remember the time the storm came through
and blew the awning clear over the caravan and scattered our belongings far and wide,
even though they didn't see it, I'm sure they will remember "seeing it"
because the story will be told over and over again.

Yes we have been making memories this week for sure.
I'm truly truly grateful for this opportunity.


  1. Awesome post Deb - love the sentiments x

  2. My favorite childhood memories are those spent camping up North in Mahia. Your post has inspired me to do the same with my boys. We often stay at the Bach, but it's not quite the same! Lovely post and glad you had a good time.

  3. Another great post. I often worry about all my children's memories of me are me being "lazy". I have been in a constant state of pregnancy, recovery and breastfeeding for their whole lives (and my whole marriage).

  4. My parents were never 'camping' people but I have wonderful memories of my kiwi grandparents taking my cousin,my sister and me camping for 4weeks the summer I was 7. We toured the whole South Island...I remember lots of 'outside' time (I think my grandparents were a little old for a full on Tomboy 7 year old!), lots of fruit picking (it's not stealing if it's on the shake the tree till the fruit falls off!) , that the sun never seemed to set, constant reminders that we were safe as there are no poisonous snakes or spiders in NZ and that I seemed to have a relative of some description in every place we stopped! But most of all I remember feeling fresh air and freedom!! I hope that the memories I'm making with my kiddies are just as fabulous!

  5. By the look of these photos you are creating wonderful memories for your kids.
    Anne xx

  6. Lovely memories for Mum too. Routine is good but my kids often remember the times things went a little awry more It's the time spent in good company that is precious as well, we as parents can only try to lay down good foundations that will keep things strong, and parents that spend time communicating with their kiddies have the best chance to stay strong....lovely post by the way.

  7. I grew up camping and have the best memories. Now I camp with my own kids and they thoroughly love it! Love your blog.

  8. Loved reading this. I totally agree. It is the little things. My husband remembers going to the Statue of Liberty - he was only 6 months old. But the family told the tale and he saw the pictures. Kally


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