Monday, October 15, 2012

Enjoying the Process... {a few rambling throughts}

Someone suggested to me the other day that I probably had made enough quilts now
and wasn't it time to stop??
But the thing is I enjoy the process. I like the making of it,
it's not really about the finished product, although that's a bonus.

I'm not giving up any time soon!
I feel like I've had a lot of "must-dos" lately, all of which I signed up for myself
but which carry the weight of actually being responsible to get things done,
including finishing my essay and a three-hour exam to study for.
Saturday was pouring with rain here and I just decided to get side-tracked
just for a couple of days from the to-do list.
I went to my basket of projects-to-do and picked out this bundle of Lizzy House fabrics
and the Walk in the Woods Foxes and decided it was time to make another
on of these quilts by Dana at Old Red Barn Co.

I love having a project like this on the go.
The cutting didn't take long, but then I can just chain piece a few seams
whenever I have a pocket of time.

10 minutes mindless sewing here and there 
really is therapeutic. The to-do list is still clamoring
but somehow it doesn't feel so daunting now I've let off a bit of sewing steam!

I have my wee machine on the end of the dining table,
so I can sew a bit while the potatoes cook or what ever.

People always say, "I don't have the patience" or "you must be so patient"
but I'm not patient or special or anything,
I just love the feeling of putting my foot on the accelerator and sewing up those seams.
I know, it probably makes me odd, but there it is.

It's also extremely satisfying to see the neat piles appear,
the rest of the mummy jobs need doing over and over (think laundry/meals etc)
but that little stack of completed seams sits smiling at me.

Someone the other day was saying to me "I should do something crafty"
and I said, well only if you enjoy the process.
And actually this person loves the outdoors and finds walking on the hills the thing
that connects her,  and someone else said, yes they get it from the garden
and another from reading.

What about you, what do you do to quiet all the things on your to-do list clamoring for attention?
how to you find balance in your life,
what makes you relax and able to face the mundane?

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who finds the creative process therapeutic.


  1. I love the materials. Gorgeous oranges

  2. GASP!.....who was that person, c'mon name names.....hush her mouth....:-).
    I am just like you, except for the study and four children and NZ accent:-) I have always said that craft was my meditation, a time where I just concentrate on the here and now, one stitch at a time. Before you know it another project is done and I have another to look forward to.

  3. Absolutely. Creativity is my therapy. It is my balance. In a world where I am bombarded it is my release.
    I love love love your quilts. I am yet to sew one myself but you are a huge inspiration to me... one day I want to have a closet full of quilts at the ready to wrap and warm my loved ones.
    You can never have too many quilts... just as you can not have too many people to love.

  4. for me creativity is a tangible record that I have achieved something beyond the repeated dinners and not tidying I ought to do. It is an outward epxression of my inner conviction that I am made in the image of a very creative God. And because of that creativity is a worthwhile pursuit. x

  5. ABSOLUTELY being crafty/creative is my sanity - I measure my mood daily and it is reflected in the results if I have not had creative time and/or exercise time! Craft - my form of counseling

  6. Such a true post! I get this a fair bit, 'haven't you got enough', I'll send them this link as it describes the process better than I could explain it! Thank you!

  7. loved this post. thought about it all day yesterday. and got my paints out, just cos.

  8. Funny, I just started writing a post on just the same thing! Totally agree with your sentiments and love the way that you express them as always.

  9. A little behind on this one.
    I have so much. work. to do at the moment but it is getting dull and dark here and the rainy season has hit, and all I want to do after a summer of rambling and trying to connect to nature is quilt and knit and curl up under a pile of handmade goodies! I need sun and outdoors (I got some this morning and yesterday morning!) and now I just want to make stuff, but if I don't work, I don't get paid. Sigh.
    Congrats on going back to uni and starting your degree! That is fantastic :-)

  10. Beautifully written!
    I create for my own sanity, I am forever thinking of new projects and combinations of keeps me going, like a goal to the end of a rough day or week....and I love the feeling of accomplishment I can't get with the laundry, hoovering etc :)

    And now I have my old dining table back I think that's where my machine may reside now :)


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