Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lily made a doll, cause that's what you do in a caravan!

This is Lily.
Life for Lily is a Big Challenge. The right side of her body doesn't work so well
and she has some other issues that make life seem like an uphill struggle to Lily.
Lily just wants to be one of the kids,
but somehow it's not so simple as that.

I love Lily to bits. She has courage and guts.
When we were camping last week Lily got a bit tired and over it in the afternoons,
so one afternoon I asked her if she would like to make a dolly.
Unfortunately I left the lovely pattern I brought at home 
but Lily drew a lovely girl so I cut it out of fabric.

Lily drew on her face and sewed up the arms and legs.
Then I stuffed those little limbs and we put her together.
I borrowed the technique from Merrilee and cut some felt for her hair.

Lily was really really happy with her
and proud of her work.

My friend Shenleigh helped too and made the blue dress
(that was the trimmed off bit from the back of Molly's quilt)

The arms and legs were from the vintage sheet I brought for Molly's quilt binding
and the head was from a project that Shenleigh's daughter was doing.
I had the stuffing and the felt for the doll I left at home.

I love how Lily got a real sense of achievement from making this doll
and I'm hoping she will come and sew with me again soon.

Isn't she lovely?

Does anyone in blogland have any ideas to make 
sewing with one good arm easier??
Lily and I would be very interested to hear them!


  1. Hi Debs, you are awesome, I love that you help unlock Lily's creativity. Thanks for sharing positive stuff. Karen

  2. What a gorgeous doll and a gorgeous girl too. Well done, Lily. Cx

  3. That was lovely to read! I think that children who grow up with challenges are in many ways better suited to real life, they know life isn't handed to them on a plate and they know how to work for what they want. It's also really satisfying when they accomplish things that other people take for granted.

  4. That's a lovely doll - and I'm sure there are all sorts of things to help make sewing easier one handed - when my aunt was young (for me she's pretty old) she used a trouser hanger the kind where you squeeze in the trouser between two longer wooden thingies (sometimes knowing my English better would actually help) anyway she had less function in both hands, but that way she didn't have to hold the fabic together while sewing, she used a bit more seam alloweance sometimes but the important part for her was, she could use her hands guide the needle and didn't have to worry about keeping the slipping fabric in check. Now I don't knwo how exactly she did it, I just saw her do it when I was a kid. I bet though there are more practical and hmm adaptable little helper out there - there have to be.
    Maybe that can point you in a direction, give you a new idea ...

  5. Love, love, love....all you need is love, love, love.

    Sorry no tips, but humans are the most adaptable creatures, there will be a way....

  6. This is brilliant Deb, well done Lily!!!X

  7. Deb I love that as a person you are constantly including people, wrapping them in a blanket of community and inclusiveness. You are an amazing person and I have a lot to learn from you. I wonder if sewing in a hoop would help Lily? If the hoop was large she may be able to prop it in her arm and then work from there?

  8. Deb - I love you xxx you are an amazing inspirational woman whom I admire

  9. What a sweet girl and adorable dolly. I will have a think about ways to make sewing easier on her.

  10. Well done Lily! What a beautiful doll!
    Deb, you have such a big heart and a gift for finding peoples talents and cherishing them, please please please never lose that!

  11. Lovely doll... Well done Lily! Been thinking about what might help her... How about a frame like those cross stitchers use? Or a hoop on a stand like this one:


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