Thursday, October 18, 2012

Psychology 101 - on the home straight...

I think I've mentioned here that I've started my Psychology degree.
It's actually the first step on a long journey.
I'm really enjoying the material, although not enjoying the method of study.

I always knew it would a challenge to balance being mum
but I thought I could just slot it in by having less sleep (hello 5am)
but actually it's really hard to regularly have less sleep.

Also studying through Massey means that I had to basically buy a book and read it,
which is just not suitable for my learning style.
I need to be able to listen (and doodle) and take notes and talk to others
but just sitting here reading by myself, it's painful.

There's always 101 other things more interesting to do.
But it's ok, I've completed two assignments including my first essay
and just have a three hour exam to study for.
It's multi-choice which is a mixed blessing!

I'm really glad I only did one paper this semester
because I'm going to have to change things next year to fit it all in
and still be a functioning human being. And I'm really glad that I love the topic.
It's so unexpectedly interesting. I don't know why I didn't expect it
but I just love learning this stuff.

I'm hoping the University of Canterbury will accept me next year
so that I can work with other students, interact with them
and learn that way. Hopefully it won't matter that I'm like 1000 years old.

Have you accepted any new challenges lately??
Made plans for a change??
Got a fresh perspective??

I'd love to know.


  1. Believe it or not I accepted a challenge to stop saying I was going to do things and instead actually do them. I left behind bad social relationships and accepted I may be lonely but it was better than feeling "alone". I have never been happier as I finally accept me as me and if you don't like me well I couldn't change that. Sorry was that what you wanted to know??? ....or too much :-)

  2. I have started studying online. I have just completed Cert III in Business Admin and am working on Cert IV now. Not a Uni degree like you but I am really enjoying the challenge. Lots of other massive changes happening around here too. Good luck with juggling everything, I'm sure you'll fit it all in somehow. x

  3. Oh Deb, I do so hope you have great success with this, as I believe you will be a natural in this field. You have such a warm and understanding soul. My son is taking Psych 101 this semester and loves it too. Mainly I think because he is having too much fun 'analyzing' me. LOL

    blessings, jill

  4. I don't envy you for the multiple choice exam - but then maybe you like them.
    As for the challenge at the moment - filling the last 10 pages of my B.A. thesis. The look out - applying for a Master, I see dark times for libarary science, dawn for Publishing and a sunrise for book science (and yes that all really exists). And if nothing works I can fall back on Plan B and become a carpenter or gardener ... ok maybe I would consider applyign for jobs before putting plan B in action.
    Ohh yes and I'm not looking forward to moving again ... but being closer to home will be nice.
    Before I forget it - good luck for the exam!

  5. Hi Deb, congrats on your learning journey. I also started studying this year, the beginnings of a Bachelor of Nursing degree. Although I'm having ups and downs with it (life is getting in the way) and parts of it super-duper mind numbing (maths) I'm trying to focus on the end result, which is a career that will enrich my life. I'm late 30's and expected to be one of the older students but it was the younger students that were in the minority. Most of us were in our 30's or 40's. Good luck for your exam :)

  6. Good on you, Deb. I think study is a huge, very brave, thing to do. I hope to study in a few years, but the thought of it terrifies me somewhat because I've never done it before!
    I guess booking in to do a craft fair, while Mol is still so tiny, is a bit of a challenge. I hope I can be successful in my challenge!

  7. I need to study the same way you do!!! Listening
    I admire your commitment xxx

  8. I think you're never too old to learn new stuff. I started the 'cello in my mid 30s and am a learner horse rider in my early 40s. Yes, it does hurt a lot when you fall off, but the challenge is thrilling. I think maturity is valuable at university. I did my Honours degree in education with a psychology focus straight out of school, but lacked so much life experience. Good luck for the study. I'd hate doing it straight out of a book too. I think you'll love attending lectures and labs etc, and I bet there will be a few 2000 year olds there.

  9. good on you, you are never to old for learning. I have just completed by post grad in guidance and counselling through massey and i totally agree xtra mural is really HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it over 3 years. But is'nt it great when you are studying something you love!!!! my next challenge is finding a job!!!

  10. Hi ,I just discovered your blog, and it's fantastic. Thanks for sharing your experiences, I was just reading your entry about starting to study and balancing it with being a mother and it just was quite timely because I have started studying towrds being a photographer and I'm more than a bit bogged down and wondering if I'm really actually ever going to be any good at it or even make it half way through the study. Feels good to know I'm not the only one embarking on these carzy pathways.


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