Monday, October 22, 2012

Slow Weekend...

It was Labour Weekend here in New Zealand,
and oh my a three day weekend is so lovely.
Time to sit down and chat over dinners that aren't rushed.

Enjoying each other's company and to laugh together.

A time to sit a while, be inspired and plan for some future projects,
oh I love that part, don't you.

I'm definitely going to make this quilt from Jane Brocket's new book.
I love all of Jane's books, sometime I should review all the books I have of hers.

On Saturday it was glorious sunshine and I planted our vege garden
and some flowers. And David and Reuben did lots of tidying outside.
Sunday was nice too, and we had a family dinner at my mum's place.
Then yesterday it poured with rain, absolutely bucketed down
and we all got to have a nice quiet day.

I got lots of study done too while David was a round to referree the kiddos
which was great.

Playhuts in the living room are a real sign of a relaxed day aren't they?

Ah it was a great weekend. I loved it.


  1. It sounds so happy and relaxed and just perfect in this post xxx
    I want to hang out with you for a weekend
    oh wait . . . . . . *smiles knowingly* . . . . . .

  2. Looks great. You need to bring that book and mag this weekend okay? x

  3. Blissssss.... just... blisss x

  4. Diamond days! Love the Frankie, couldn't wait to get my copy when it hit the newsstands.

  5. aaah a busy dining table, sign
    of a happy blessed family!

  6. Sounds perfect Deb!
    I love visiting your blog because it always reminds me of what I love (and miss)about home :)


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