Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is why God created dads....

The last day of the school holidays coincided with me having to finish my first essay
and David kindly offered to take the children away for the morning.
They went into the Drawing Room which Reuben has been wanting to for ages.

Then they went into the ReStart Mall
which is a mall created entirely from Shipping Containers
(there's a lot of stuff in shipping containers here in Christchurch)
They had morning tea together.

And then they went to Lyttelton and went in the ferry across to Diamond Harbour
which is a short trip but the kids love it.

Reuben sat down and worked on his newly purchased materials
while Annie ran about as she does.

And David took loads of pictures!! It was such a laid back morning
but so special. I tend to only do one thing at a time but David he managed to
fit several fun things into one morning.

I really appreciate having David's support and his energy.
I'm so glad I get to parent with my other half. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to parent as a team.
Let's not pretend it's all hearts and roses (keeping it real)
but a relationship is an on-going process!
We live in the midst of beautiful countryside really,
ten minutes from home and here is this. Amazing.
Didn't David create a lovely outing for the kiddies?
And the essay is finished. Just a 3-hour exam to study for and Psychology 101 is finished.


  1. What a fun daddyo! Good job David, and so nice to have pictures of their time together without you! Do you feel like you were right there!?

    Yay for Psychology!!

  2. love the photos.
    AND for the record you, to me, are a person with heaps of different things on the go. totally amazing!

  3. Good luck with it all!! Annie looks like she rocks that 70's look. Yes it really helps when you have two parents that can assist each other...behind every great woman is a great guy, and visa versa.

  4. Great photos. Hope the exam goes well my lovely

  5. That is awesome they have wonderful memories made :D And good work getting study done!

  6. Can I just say how stunningly gorgeous Miss Annie Rose looks in that ensemble- I think its the jaunty angle of the hat that finishes the outfit perfectly!

  7. I meant to leave a comment the other day here, but I guess I became distracted. Anyway, David took some amazing photos, especially the first two of Annie and then Annie and Reuben. I think those first two are simply priceless.

    blessings, jill


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