Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: the Maxi-dress

I really love the feel of wearing a maxi-dress,
it makes me feel like a lady, the swish of fabric as I walk.
Lots of maxi-dresses are not flattering to the ah, the fuller figure,
but i found this amazing one at City Chic.

I wore it last weekend (more about that soon) and teamed it with
Cat's cardigan (from Glassons) and Miriam's necklace (that she made herself)

I love it!
Really I don't care if it doesn't hide those curves,
it's such a burst of happy colour that it's worth it.
Who wants to wear black anyhow? not me.

Oh who is this in my Wardrobe Wednesday post?
how did Cat get there??

Spots and stripes - the perfect combination in my book.

Wardrobe Wednesday


  1. I love it Deb!! i agree, despite my curves I love wearing dresses...and skirts, they make me feel more ladylike too!
    And I LOVE that CARDIGAN!!! eek! I want! I think we have glassons here now...

  2. Very cute and very flattering Deb! Love it!

  3. Perfectly feminine and looking great too Deb. I'm with you - bring back the maxi.

  4. A couple of the girls at work have been raving about City Chic - I can't say I have ever been into one of their stores but pretty sure we have one local. It's a great dress and I love the colours! I wear far too much black

    hehe @Cat!

  5. Love this dress and I think it's very flattering. So glad you joined in. Don't forget to link up xx

  6. Fantastic photos. I have decided to wear more dresses this summer. Love the warm weather too

  7. Awesome dress!! you look great! love the cardigan too!

  8. The cardigan is yours xxx
    It looked fab on you!
    Lol @ me !!!

  9. I adore this dress - I even looked on their website to see if they still sold them, but they only had a similar one in a less pretty colourway! Darnit!
    You look so wonderful, and I agree, maxi dresses are very ladylike and lovely to wear.


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