Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Whew! time for a catch-up [or possibly a ramble]

I know there's been a lot of posts on the blog lately.
I feel like I've had so many things I wanted to say that felt important to me
and I have to keep on writing them down, but it's been a bit of a jumble or a lucky dip!

I've had so much feedback from you all.
I feel a bit bad because I haven't been replying to all your lovely comments
but my everyday life has been pretty frantic too.

So, if you have commented in the last week or two, 

Thank you!

I'm inspired by all that you are doing that is new,
and all the relationships you are working on and the great memories you have.
I'm still going to try and answer them, but I can't promise.

Just when I was about to explode from the busyness and the epic to-do list
I was so blessed to have a weekend away last week.
I'll write about it more tomorrow.

But it was so refreshing to have really good quality conversations,
having time to talk through the issues that bother us all
and to encourage and support each other.

It's something I hadn't realised how much I was missing
and my goal for next year is to manage my time better
and to have more of those conversations that feed the soul.

I still have far too many things on my to-do list,
90 more blocks for make for Jeremy and Eva's quilt,
birthday presents for Annie's friends who are all turning three,
that three hour exam (gulp)
a bunch of pillowcases to make for Christmas presents,
the day job, and the impending end of the year/beginning of summer craziness.

This is the time of the year when I wish I lived in the northern hemisphere
and didn't have everything colliding at once.
Fortunately I have already made six quilts for Christmas presents,
just waiting to be bound (oops forgot that on the to-do list)

I can see that if I want to do more papers next year I will have to actually organise my time properly
or more balls will be dropped.
That's ok, I think the important things have got done, family fed √
washing done √ house tidyish √ kids sorted √ day job done √
We will figure out the rest as we go along next year. Anyway I digress.

 If one thing I got from the weekend 
it was I really loved having good conversations
and I need to make time for that. ok that's two things.

I was also inspired to make two more paper-piecing projects,
the kite and a lozenge. Oops, how does this happen??
I think this kind of piecing suits my trying to slow down style actually.

While I was away I ended up starting my ripple blanket again
while I had expert help. The colours weren't contrasting enough
and the ripples weren't rippling. But it's looking great now and I can't wait to show you.
I may have started a giant peggy square last week too.
I'm planning on making two LARGE cushions with these projects.

Any way, that's where I'm up to, trucking along - ticking things off the list
and trying to keep a grip on life.
Thanks for being part of this journey with me.
I really do appreciate having you there, truly really!


  1. Deb, just want to say, you are an inspiration x

  2. Deb, just want to say, you are an inspiration x

  3. Deb,
    Hello from your absent friend in the states!!! :) My you have been busy haven't you! I love the piecing you're doing as well as the embroidered city scapes! Did you use a pattern for them or make them up on your own? I really do like them.. would you mind if I made something up like them?

  4. I feel and hear you... Life is too frantic, but hang in there next year we start again! Xxx

  5. breath and be present in the moment that's my goal - loved having time with you and I have your bambi brooch which I have had a lot of compliments about!

  6. I think the weekend was exactly what we all needed - definitely a must for at least once a year but we could try for twice (depending on budgets)
    Missing you and your wisdom already but am remembering BREADS
    Love you xxx

  7. We did have some great conversations didn't we!? I really really enjoyed getting to know you better and am already looking forward to our next good natter!

  8. It was so cool getting to meet you (however briefly) on Saturday night. i would have loved the chance to talk to you more, but maybe next time??


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