Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Spring Weekend at the Lake...

We have just come back from a weekend at Omarama.
It was a long weekend here in Canterbury and we made the most of it.
There has been a lot of spring rain and the greenery was so lush and fresh!

On Friday we went to the Lake and spent a lovely day in the sun
playing on the jetski and enjoying the fresh air.

I hung some bunting from the tree to make our picnic area pretty!

Annie was tired (we had got up at 4am to drive the four hours to Omarama)
and found it hard to go to sleep, but I lay beside her and off we both went!!

It was a bit chilly late afternoon so we lit a fire with the plentyful wood on the lakeside,
it was just lovely. With the woodsmoke and the heat!
There was 16 of us most of the time and we all had a great time hanging out together.
This is the lovely Sarah who came out with some amazing one-liners,
like "I forgot to scream" when she went on the jetski!

The little boys found some beautiful gentle geekos. I like their wee feet.

The early risers got to play on the i-devices till breakfast!
How cute are these two?

The weather turned cold and I got lots of knitting done by the fire.
It was great, just what you need before the mad crazy rush till Christmas,
with the end of the school year, the start of the summer
and all that entails.


  1. Looks gorgeous Debs. love the wool you are knitting at the moment

  2. What wonderful memories and a great weekend away!

  3. Great photos of your wonderful weekend spent out and about.

  4. Sounds and looks just lovely, Deb! I really like how you hung the bunting in the tree - what a great idea!

  5. Love it! I enjoy large get togethers, and that place is very near and dear to my heart!

  6. Ah this looks lovely Deb! I hope when out little family grows a little bit we can take lovely weekends away like this too! xxx

  7. Looks like yo got the best of all worlds - a nice weekend away and some manky weather for knitting in!


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