Friday, November 2, 2012


Last weekend a few bloggers went away for a girls weekend.
It was awesome. Honestly, slap bang in the middle of weeks of craziness for all of us,
it was just what the doctor ordered!

There was a lot of talking. A lot of talking.
We talked a lot. We also crafted. 
Miriam was embroidering little houses,
Juliet was sewing hexagons.

Laura almost finished the most amazing dress ever.
Cat was hooking and Leonie was, was
well Leonie was looking after us all amazingly well.
I had five attempts at getting my ripple blanket to work and thanks to Leonie
who did three rows for me, I succeeded. 
(I put pictures of some of the other girls work in yesterday's post)

We went to the Matakana Farmers Market
We visited a cute opshop (more on that later)
We went out for dinner (terrible terrrible service)
We met some other lovely bloggers (Simone and Sammy)

We ate great food and we tried on dresses at Anna Streton.
It was great. Oh did I mention that we talked? yes we did.

Matakana Market was lovely. All fresh produce and tasty food.

Whitebait fritters for breakfast - Yes Please!

There was plenty of hugs and lots of laughter.

I walked in the door on Sunday night to find a very sick little girl
and have been mummying her all week.
Tomorrow I have a three hour exam to finish the first paper for my degree. Life just is busy.
but last weekend was just what we needed! 


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL post capturing the most soul nourishing weekend!
    It seems it came at a time we all needed it!
    Can't wait to repeat it xxx
    Miss you and your wisdom
    Sorry to hear about your poor sick wee girl ;'(
    And GOOD LUCK with the exam xxx

  2. Matakana!!! You were just down the road....
    Sounds like a perfect time away. Hope Miss A is feeling better now xxx

  3. Love this post, loved the weekend, love you! Hope the worst is over for Annie and will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow! Xx
    Ps. I crocheted something and stiched a wall hanging... To go in a certain someones advent swap... Prolly why i kept it on the down-low :)

  4. It was a great weekend wasn't it?!
    Hope Annie feels better soon, the poor wee thing!
    Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you.

  5. I really wish I lived where you lived. Maybe one of you could teach me to crochet!

    I love the phone on your wall.

  6. Its so good to get away with such good friends sometimes!!
    I hope everything goes well tomorrow!XXJ

  7. Hope the exam goes really well Deb xxx always good to spend time with you xxxx

  8. Good luck for the exam - you will be doing it now and then it is over.

  9. There is always a lot to do. Time with friends is just so precious.

  10. Loved the talk...and had a great time in Annah S too!! lol....
    seen the update..congrats on the exam :)


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