Sunday, November 11, 2012

My name is Deb and I'm a Procrastinator...

I'm terrible. I can't seem to movitate myself until I absolutely have to.
I really don't like this trait at all.
I started this quilt for my brother and his dear wife to-be back in July. *blush

But now the deadline is fast approaching, fast fast approaching.
To be fair I've been crossings things manically off the to-do list for months now
and this one has risen to the top and it's turn has come,
but I still wish I had finished it months ago!

But this week I got organised and last night I sewed the rest of the 80 blocks.
And then I pressed them properly and actually opened the centre seam
like I should but never do. 

I'm absolutely loving the colours of this quilt.
Luckily I miscalculated the amount of blocks I needed so I'm going to get an
auxiliary quilt for me to snuggle under.
It's predominantly red, but with some other warm hues in to make it come alive.

Hopefully by the end of today it should be a quilt top and off to Shenleigh.
I promise to show a picture before it goes.

Now what's next on the to-do list.
Oh that would be the five passports....... sheesh


  1. hi DEb, my name is Shiree... I am a fellow procrastinator, however you seem to be moving pretty darn fast right about now. Christmas looming perchance?

  2. Massive procrastinator here!! The quilt colours look lovely!

  3. I can join that club!

    Love the colours all together...can't wait to see it all sewn up together...the blocks look interesting.....also love the vase of freshly cut flowers :) I bet you have a beautiful garden.

  4. I think we all suffer from the dreaded procrastination. I am a fellow sufferer and I have noticed that I have passed that trait on to at least one of my children. Love the colours of the quilt, can't wait to see it finished. x

  5. I'm a procrastinator too! Constantly missing deadlines... That quilt looks LOVELY! Can't wait to see the finished result.

  6. nothing wrong with being a procrastinator! haha! LOve the colours of the quilt! Wish I could churn one out as fast as you, x

  7. nothing wrong with being a procrastinator! haha! LOve the colours of the quilt! Wish I could churn one out as fast as you, x

  8. so with you on that - which is why I am writing this comment instead of folding my washing LOL!!

  9. Such gorgeous fabrics. And, 5 passports sounds exciting! Cx

  10. I am a procrastinator & they would end up getting it for a 25th anniversary gift.

  11. I think we should start a Procrastinators Club. I am so good at it!! cheers Karen

  12. Those are some fancy blocks! I'm not a procrastinator at the moment, well except for work... I'm getting onto the things I have to do.. except work...
    There's some pretty yarn by your sewing machine!

  13. it's not procrastination, it's gestation (thats my excuse anyway!). gorgeous colours, and the flowers and table cloth too, full of summer, yay!

  14. My problem is not procrastination but taking too much on! LOL
    Do you quilt your own quilts?
    I have a single quilt to "free form quilt"
    I'm tired though... Lol but that and dozens of other things.... I'm sure most will be finished soon.........

  15. Me too. It's why I've had my restricted license for 16 years. Half my life. Yep.

  16. July! JULY! You're worried about not finishing a quilt you started in July! Blimey - I think you're a champion - I wouldn't start fretting until it was at least July from four years ago! But I get the deadline business - I'm the same - and it's dreadfully stressful but do I change - nope :-( Good luck with the quilt - and I recognise several of those lovely prints - they live here in Bootville too :-)


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