Saturday, November 10, 2012

Playcentre Babies: Lochlan

One of the things I like about Playcentre,
is how it's for the whole family. Mum, dad, grandma, aunties, babies, siblings....
everybody can come along and participate and enjoy learning together.

One of my favourite little guys is called Lochlan.
Oh my he is a real charmer. He has been coming to Playcentre since he was 11 days old.
His profile book is full of stories about him exploring the environment.
It's his environment, his place. He owns it.
He loves it and he seems to love all of us!

Cat, his mum is awesome too.
She totally doesn't mind when Lochlan gets into the sandpit and covered in sand and dirt.
Heck, quite a lot of the time she's covered in dirt too!!

So he does! he gets right in there and he loves it.
I love a baby all covered in dirt and grime - that's a baby who is learning good stuff.
He's learning about his body and what he can do with it,
he's learning about his environment
and he's learning not to be afraid to try new things.

I always feel a bit sad when I see kids who stay clean all morning,
they are missing out on the whole sensory experience that early years learning is.
Now Lochlan is getting on his feet
and a whole new world is opening up for him.
Now if his brother Thomas had gone to pre-school,
Lochlan would have missed out on all this amazing interaction.
And we would have missed out on loving Lochlan.

This is why I love Playcentre.


  1. You are so right Deb. Every boy and girl should be able to get out there and play in the sand, dirt and mud. Boy did my son love the mud. One day he started digging a hole....that lead to 100's of small holes in the backyard. Why? His golf course...LOL I did not have the heart to tell him they only had 18 holes.


  2. Thank you Deb - just beutiful! (your blog and my little boy of course!!) Kat x

  3. An awesome account of my Grandson and Daughter thank you so much for writing it - From some very proud Grandparents in the UK.

  4. What a sweet lil man
    And this my friend is why after school I send my boy outside to PLAY - am I a bad Mummy for putting PLAY before homework? I think not ! He is after all still a child


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