Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Product Review: Noodle Meals

Recently the good folks at SunRice sent me two of these dinners to review.
They come in smart packaging and sounded delicious.
I hid them in a safe place till I could make them
and went away for the weekend.

While I was away my hungry sixteen year old who works
learning how to be a painter/paper hanger,
spotted the tasty treat and decided it was just what his
perpetually empty tummy needed to fill.

When I came home and noticed the missing dinners,
I enquired who had taken them and he informed me that he saw them
and thought I had got them just for him!
Apparently they are super easy to heat
and very delicious indeed.

Can you buy some more please mum??

Yes I think they were a winner.
But don't take my word his word for it, you'll find them at your local supermarket!!


  1. Mmm they look nice, i could eat noodles every day of the week and could do with some lazy lunches


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