Thursday, November 8, 2012

The best Calendar for 2013: Dear Colleen

I love to make presents for family and friends,
but after working my fingers to the bone for a few years, 
I decided that supporting other makers was just as good, if not better.
I've decided to profile a product or maker I love each week till Christmas.

First up Dear Collen, in her own words....
Colleen Pugh aka Dear Colleen is a professional smart ass. Known for her hand lettering, illustration and wit. Trained in graphic design she is now using these skills to focus on being a creator of art, fashion and homeware. She has been featured in some great places and even worked with World. Her brand is mostly known for it’s clever word play.
I saw glimpses of this appearing on Instagram 
but now it is finished and available here and I can think of several different people who need
one of these calendars. Isn't it beautiful?

I love Colleen's style and the way she seemingly effortlessly
produces drawings of such simplicity and beauty.

I would actually love one of these in my kitchen
but I'm going to buy one for my good friend, who is an excellent cook
and I think she will love it too.

Colleen does other things too.
I'm thinking about buying this poster for James.

And last year I brought this for a friend for Christmas.
It's still hanging on her wall!
Here's the sweet face of Colleen!
You can find her website here
She is dearcolleen on Instagram
and blogs here.

Pop over and share some love,
maybe do a bit of Christmas Shopping
there is 45 days till Christmas (not to panic you or anything)

PS Oh family of mine that I love
you are all getting quilts again this Christmas. 
I'm sorry, it's the last time for a while, but it's something I can do
with what I have here! {don't hate me}


  1. love this idea Deb - love, love, love. You have great taste and it is always great to see other people's ideas

  2. Thanks for sharing. Just an awesome Idea. Love that family get quilts- you are very talented :D

  3. I think that is is beyond awesome that your family get quilts from you! they take so much time and effort to make, you are very talented! Love the calender!

  4. LOVING this calendar and thanks for introducing me to another blog

  5. Yes... well a G&T is my preferred summer beverage ;)
    Loving that calendar too.

  6. Thanks for idea....I will be able to cross off a couple of people of my list....eyeing up the stopped watch print for me my watch has been stopped for ummmn maybe 4yrs! lol

  7. Love it, thanks for sharing! x


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